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  1. Budget Bilstein Ballers

    Yes, stock circlip location on msm Bilsteins.
  2. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    Might be selling the car :(
  3. Budget Autocross Coilover Setup

    Race and Track Prep
    As already mentioned sell the Racelands and KYB's and look into a Bilstein setup, especially if you plan to keep autocrossing or tracking the car. If you look around you can usually find some decent deals on shocks and sometimes springs. Sleeves, bumpstops, and other smaller items will most...
  4. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Muffler

    For Sale or Trade
  5. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Bose Windblocker

    For Sale or Trade
    OEM windblocker with Bose speakers and amplifier. Decent shape. The mesh compartment in the front is missing the snap button and there are just a few scuffs and scratches on it. Really not in bad shape however. These go for $200 on eBay all day. Asking $80 + shipping
  6. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Muffler

    For Sale or Trade
    Bump. Priced out shipping and could do $130 shipped almost anywhere in the states.
  7. Need Advice Flares or no flares

    I agree with shiz. Rev9 OE-Style flares would look good and still be very subtle. I'm not even sure you have to cut the arches since they're so small.
  8. The "How to f*%king dress yourself" Thread (or The "I can't get any" Thread)

    Pub Roadster
    Old news, but copped these deadstock. Also with summer approaching you guys know what that means.. Winter **** is on sale. Moving to Chicago in June and am not in the least bit prepared for those winters. Picked up a Canada Goose jacket on sale. Hoping it lives up to its...
  9. NA+NB Parts GT Wing w/ BCL Uprights

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold! Thanks for the interest guys.
  10. NA+NB Parts GT Wing w/ BCL Uprights

    For Sale or Trade
    I bought this for my build, but might be going another direction. It's a standard 57" ebay carbon deck (doubt it's real carbon fiber, but looks very nice). Uprights / wing mounts / trunk mounts have been replaced by Big Country Labs parts. Deck has also been redrilled for a wide mount...
  11. Midnight Sessions - An MSM Build

    Roadster Projects
    Yessir! Your car actually inspired me to pick up a set. We talked a couple months back about sizing and a few weeks later a set popped up for sale so I jumped on them. Tires and adapters should be in early next week and I'll be able to put them on.
  12. How to paint a roll bar?

    I painted mine about a week ago before installing it Scuffed with a scotch brite pad, sprayed some Duplicolor filler primer, then sprayed Duplicolor paint. Came out fine. If it's already in the car just tape and mask everything around it off really well.
  13. Midnight Sessions - An MSM Build

    Roadster Projects
    Garage Vary Lip (Replica) Since I first envisioned this build I had my eyes set on the OEM "large tupperware" front air dam and sideskirts. I sold my Mazdaspeed lip and purchased the sideskirts, but in my two months of looking have not found any air dams for sale. So I settled on an eBay...
  14. Midnight Sessions - An MSM Build

    Roadster Projects
    Hard Dog Roll Bar I've been driving my Miata for about two months now without a rollbar. I was fortunate that my previous two came with rollbars already installed so I never experienced driving one without, or installing one. This bar popped up on Craigslist for a killer price and I contacted...
  15. Budget Bilstein Ballers

    I had a friend cut the stock NB top hats and extend them 1.5" in front 1.75" in the rear. Right now my ride height is about 11.5" front and 12.5" rear. After I add helpers I'll drop the rear back down to around 12" as I prefer alittle rake.