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  1. Stancecar to Racecar, an anti-climactic adventure

    Roadster Projects
    Re: Just another South Cali Miata... BBS, Hard Dog, Flyin Miata Sorry about the accident, car looks nice. I love bbs rs on anything!
  2. Project Low Cash NA

    Roadster Projects
    Looks good
  3. Classfields are all messed up

    Community Help
    I apologize, when i was reading the rules i missed it. A simple answer would have been quicker for both of us
  4. Classfields are all messed up

    Community Help
    Anyone know how many posts/ time is need to post in classifieds to contact a seller and how many to post your own threads?
  5. san berghetto $300 miata newbi project

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    Looks like your in for lots of work but so far so good!
  6. SoCal Newb with a 91 Miata here!

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    Nice cars!
  7. Altezza FT 86

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    I would love to test drive one of these!
  8. My $122, 17 hour interior makeover!

    Wow very surprised looks good!
  9. Stripped Interior Thread

    Looks just like my car lol
  10. Gurgles like an SRT4, but its stock...

    Do you smell anything? Its most likely a leak
  11. Budget 1500$

    Engine & Transmission
    Good suspension and bracing is where i would start, what are your overall goals of the car?
  12. Where can I buy good motor mounts?

    Engine & Transmission
    flyin' miata has replacements
  13. whats up peeps!!

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    Like everyone else said lets see some pics
  14. New Hatchback hardtop for NB coming soon

    Warhorse Performance
    This design looks so awesome
  15. NA Beeping noise

    I have no air bag, after market steering wheel.