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  1. NB Parts Duckbill Spoiler and Bose CD Player

    For Sale or Trade
    Hey guys sadly I sold my 99 miata and bought a Mazda3, anyways I have a few parts layin around Togue Run Duck Bill Spoiler - Needs some sanding and some bondo or something needs to be added in a knick at the top of the spoiler does not include adhesive or screws - 120 shipped Stock Bose CD...
  2. 99 miata no (video and pics)

    Engine & Transmission
    I agree either check compression or check the cam sensor. Do you have access to a scope?
  3. Weird Problem

    Engine & Transmission
    Hey guys I've had a problem that's been bothering me quite a bit. Ever since I fried my engine harness I've been having this problem where when the car is cold ill go start driving and I would say at half throttle the car will cut out for I would say a good 3-4 seconds then kick back in. When...
  4. What did you do to your Roadster today?

    General Automotive Chat
    Replaced my rear right axle seal which ended up going rather smooth!!!
  5. Slam thread. (not to be confused with the hellaflush thread)

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    Probably the hottest golfer in the world
  6. NA Parts Bilstein HDs/ebay Coilover and RB Rear Sway Bar

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    will the bars fit an nb?
  7. Tein basic install I need help

    When you remove your stock suspension you need to compress the spring and take the nut off the top to remove the top hat (otherwise **** will go flying). I believe that washer goes on top of the top hat before you install the coilover on the car. It's a pretty easy process. Whenever I do a car...
  8. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    oh my what kind of wheels are those?
  9. NB knock. Rod? Detonation?

    Engine & Transmission
    Oh sorry did not realize that nb's did have solid lifters. I'm used to my kl series motors and his sounds A lot like hla tick. Good to know though. Are there any other symptoms other than the noise?
  10. NB knock. Rod? Detonation?

    Engine & Transmission
    Lifter tick
  11. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    Gettin ready for winter
  12. Check engine light came on. Car cranks but won't start

    Engine & Transmission
    main relay?
  13. Head gasket question

    Engine & Transmission
    No sludge on the dipstick looks like normal oil. What do you mean a block check? Just visually inspect it to see of there has been coolant being burned on it from leaking? Everything around the block seems to be dry. Also I don't blow any white smoke at start up or while driving.
  14. Head gasket question

    Engine & Transmission
    Hey guys my car has been over heating lately, I pressure tested the cooling system and it stays right above 15lbs, also I got my car up to operating temp, the fan comes on upper radiator hose red at 180 degrees the bottom one got up to 150. We found wet marks on the ac condenser and coolant on...
  15. pets

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    My 5 month old beagle Molly