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  1. post your stretched tires!

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    DAMN IT! I really wanted those Speedy RaceMode wheels. Oh, well any recommendations on wheels?
  2. Semi-gloss black paint job

    just wondering how much it would be to paint my '92 miata a semi gloss black?
  3. New from Tallahassee, FL

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    I was just looking to have it done at a shop. Some places were charging $1100 to do everything, so I was just wondering if that's too steep.
  4. New from Tallahassee, FL

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys brand new to the site and just wanted to share a picture of my '92 Miata. She runs just fine, just rattles when I first start her up. I'm hoping to invest a lot of money into her during the next couple of years. I'm 18 and I love cars so I'm thinking about it as my first fix-it-up car...