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  1. AC issue

    Engine & Transmission
    I'll get the AC charged over this weekend and hope it'll solve the issue.
  2. AC issue

    Engine & Transmission
    I'll check on that later today!
  3. AC issue

    Engine & Transmission
    I need some mechanic expertise! I'm new to miatas, and yesterday was the first time that I used my ac (90 degrees out). When I set my ac to 3 and 4, I noticed that it is very hard to steer, kinda like having a manual steering but with some squeaking noise. It drives normal when ac is off or...
  4. What's a good suspension on the budget? daily driver

    I have a BNIB front tokico illuminas if you want! $120.00 plus shipping!:roll:
  5. Newbie from MD.

    New Member Introductions
  6. Newbie from MD.

    New Member Introductions
    Bought my first ever miata a month ago. Don't know much about miatas. Just wanted something that's a daily car. 95 miata m edition 125k miles. Since I'm new to miatas, a guy sold me a brand new rsr springs, tokico illuminas, and eibach f/r swaybars. Car's gonna be strictly street driven...