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    The symptoms are what would happen if you had a problem with your electric air flow.
  2. NA in Aiken, SC

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    I said NA, but I's a NB. Sorry
  3. NA in Aiken, SC

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    I'm also in Aiken, S.C. I'm trying to learn how to upload photos. I put some nice blacks one on my silver NA.
  4. Crack down a bit on the knockoffs?

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    Your not alone. I'm a newb. I joined for information too. I've had my NB a while, just joined but being an old school guy, I'm not into bashing and make people feel like dumbasses.
  5. NB Owner for a while Joining conversation

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    I'm looking forward to other appreciative MX-5 owners for what Miata has done for the roadster. I had 2 fiats before, driven triumphs and MGBs. I never thought someone would get it right. :lol:
  6. Soon to be NB newbie; any advice?

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    I'm also new to the forum. I've had my NB for going on 2 years. Love it. Who wouldn't. I hope you enjoy what you get. one problem. If your wife wants to drive it too, you might want to consider another. roachster