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  1. G-Force app for android!

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    Need testers for beta option! This option will let you record a video and save the data. Then you can watch your video with the app and it will show you all the information, like a real time record. Something like Forza. Feel free to PM me if interested.
  2. New Hatchback hardtop for NB coming soon

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    I don't know if you read the thread, but this one isn't build to be a easy take out for a ride. Perhaps is not a cheap investment, but try to do it yourself and you will see that this is less than 1/3 of what you will need to invest.
  3. Adorable Animal GIFs

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    lol this reminds me to my cat. When I start playing Forza he come and start jumping to the screen trying to catch the other cars.
  4. Weird stuff only you do...

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    When I'm leaving a place, like if I was in my university hall and now going to the classroom, I look twice back to see if I leave something, even if I have nothing with me. When I'm driving I look all mirrors like 300 times. When I'm walking away from my car I allways look back to it and...
  5. What Phone You Got Threaddddd...

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    I love it! It's the only ROM that have touched my device for more than one day. I have been following PA since 1.5 ICS
  6. ***Official Computer Thread***

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    Alienware M17 Windows 7 ultimate / Ubuntu 12.04LTS 1.5 TB HD 4GB RAM (soon 8GB) Intel Q9100 2.2GHz Also have Windows vista ultimate, Windows 7 professional and Windows 8 installation discs. Computer Science student :)
  7. G-Force app for android!

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    Did anyone ended trying it?
  8. G-Force app for android!

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    Thanks, waiting on the feedback :D The numbers that you need to be looking (while is in your table) is the numbers that say G Force The numbers at the top screen are the sensors measuring the current pressure made to the phone by the gravity (remember that there's always G-Force) You need to...
  9. G-Force app for android!

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    Did you get it to work?
  10. G-Force app for android!

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    What you mean going crazy? Did you calibrate its 0 point? You have to calibrate it every time it changes position.
  11. G-Force app for android!

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    Be sure to have the wakelock turned on in the menu. That way your screen will not go off until you finish your drive and disable it ;)
  12. G-Force app for android!

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    Feel free to ask if you have any questions
  13. G-Force app for android!

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    Yes, why?
  14. Post your artwork!

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    Well here's one of my 3D objects. Made with Google Sketchup
  15. G-Force app for android!

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    Note: Your device need to have an accelerometer sensor!! This won't be a problem since almost every new device have it. Test it, comment about it and make suggestion if you have any, also the scope graph is still at beta stage. (is not giving accurate values). Google Play...