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  1. How much is this 2002 SE worth?

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    The biggest issue is I'm buying the car with a loan and the bank writes a check for said person/car. If I fly out there and I don't like it the money needs to be deposited back into my account and it takes a few days. That would then limit my budget to about 8500-9000 before bringing it over...
  2. How much is this 2002 SE worth?

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    I like the colour. And I'm in Ontario and my budget is 10,500 after taxes. But that's what I'm saying. You should see all the BS prices in Ontario. 1990 Miatas are trying to sell for 8-10k
  3. How much is this 2002 SE worth?

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    I know this is a how much is MY stuff worth, but I'm curious to know what you all think this 2002 SE is worth. 90,000kms or ~58,000 miles Interior looks amazing He's asking 10,499. While I know these cars are worth less in the states I'd still like your opinions. I'd like to offer him...
  4. NA+NB Parts Rx7 460cc injectors

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold! I looked for a way to lock the thread, but I assume there isn't? (rx7club I just click on "thread tools")
  5. NA+NB Parts Rx7 460cc injectors

    For Sale or Trade
  6. NA+NB Parts Rx7 460cc injectors

    For Sale or Trade
    I'm parting out my 1991 Mazda RX7 with 120000kms and remembered the injectors are used for turbo builds here. This is the injectors part number: I'm looking for $85 shipped. I'm located in Ontario, Canada.
  7. NA Parts Forged 1.8, Turbo everything and 6 spd.

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    Decided not to sell the car whole? I noticed the full car on kijiji for the same price stock 90-93 miatas aha. Canadians are crazy when it comes to selling used cars.
  8. Miata vs All (photo thread)

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    even parking my rx7 next to an na made me want an na even more. I love how small they are. Living in the city makes sense when you own a small car.
  9. Lost control of the Miata today ;)

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    I'm trying to sell my 91 fc3s right now to buy a Miata. I notice it's incredibly easy to lose the rear in the wet with these cars. Unfortunately you've owned an fb and fd, so I guess I can't really ask what the major differences in feel are, aha.
  10. Say something about the guy above you!

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    Is not a whore.
  11. College

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    I know what you're saying. I think I may get used to it after a little longer. I mean it's only been 2 months... I'm sure it takes long to get used to going from doing **** all with your life and living at home to working and school at the same while, while living on my own hours away from...
  12. College

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    I shouldn't have a problem getting into LSSU since my high school marks were pretty good and I have 70's and 80's in college right now. I'm struggling with basic college math though (I blame the teacher, since he doesn't explain ****) so I'm worried I'll do terrible in university. My dad went...
  13. 0-60 app, interesting results

    Engine & Transmission
    S2000? 7 second? You must be joking, right? S2000's are less than or about 6 seconds to 60. Civic Si's, RSX Type S's, Integra Type R's are the ~7 second cars.

    Transaction Resolution
    >CompClutch Mazda Miata Stage 2 Clutch With Flywheel Kit 1994-2005 >With Flywheel Kit >Includes: * Pressure plate * Carbon kevlar disc * Pilot bearing and throw out bearing * Alignment tool >All of my whats. You think they'd notice a mistake that large. Either add in flywheel to the includes...
  15. Crappy Craigslist finds

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