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    hello. I have a driver side fender but it's got a dent in it. lines up fine and all... but it's also white and grey two tone. dun dun dunn.
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    Hey guys, just looking to see if anyone local has a set of 15" wheels lying around they'd like to sell for cheap or trade/trade+cash for a set of 14" semi-hollow spokes w/ ZE912s that have ~50-60% tread.
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    wowza. How about the control arm set?
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    Def not at autozone. I just picked up a thingy for 28 bucks a few days ago :(
  5. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    I know where that isssssssss :haiguyths:
  6. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    I love this thing.
  7. Grape Expectations - CR Version

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    Yep. That CRZ was the one that I used to make sure it was the color I was looking for. As for the roll bar and glass window top, the roll bar clears the glass window completely fine. I do, however, have one of the lower roll bar setups since it is the hard-top version. The trade off is that it...
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    This. The lap times in forza don't match up to real world lap times. The tracks seem slightly longer/wider for some reason.
  9. Grape Expectations - CR Version

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    This is absolutely correct. I'd rank the difficulty of taking photos of this car about on par with shooting polished jet black cars. And :fab: Purpplleeee
  10. Post your MISMATCHED colored Miata

    Yep. Driver's side fender was replaced with a sunburst panel as well.
  11. Post your MISMATCHED colored Miata

    Pre-vinyl wrap:
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    It'll be in a little while. I have a lot to do to get the chassis squared away. I like the process you suggested and will most likely be taking that route after I get the chassis and brakes sorted out.
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    Yep. It's pretty nice and quiet. And thanks for the ride, Doppelganger. Might not be good for my wallet to have gotten that ride but.... ;)
  14. The PHOTOGRAPHIC/PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES for your Roadster thread

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    Before: After: Shot with: Nikon D300 + Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G + Nikon remote release + Feisol CF tripod and PC ball head Settings: 34mm 1/2 F3.5 Iso 100