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  • skatermckimm ·
    hey buddy, ive made the meet and greet, i have posted up on the forums, how come i cant post in the for sale section? i wanna buy an exhaust thats currently for sale
    antjimenez ·
    hey man new to the forums. have gone over the rules, and made a meet and greet post but still do not have access to posting a forsale item? please let me know if theres something else i have to do. thanks!
    gar ·
    i just bought a 96 miata and i am crazy in love with this little car a lot of fun so far. it has 36k on it, im trying to find an easy replacement bulb amber 1157 parking turn front that will be super brite to leave on during the day time instead of headlights to be seen please some one help!
    mrm331 ·
    Hi Tim,
    I'm interested in looking into Jr. Sponsorship for my McCullyRacingMotors site here at ClubRoadster. What are the rates?
    -Jason McCully
    Mx5-Dan ·
    Hi Tim. Im looking to do a group buy / sell aluminium washer bottles on the forum if thats ok?
    Ive got a really good GB going on my local Mx5 forum in the UK called MX5-Nutz. Now looking to do a LHD version for the USA market etc. Is this ok? I dont mind contributing to your forum if required. regards
    MJohnny ·
    Hey, tried contacting you about Junior Sponsorships, let me know if you get this by PM'ing me. I sent you two messages but they never show up in my sent folder and I can't figure out why =/

    Nvm, figured out why they never went to my sent folder. Still haven't gotten a reply though.
    clutch_dust ·
    I sent you a pm almost three weeks ago regarding junior sponsorship, still no reply. I'm about to start molding stuff and I need to start an interest thread, please reply!
    NdiMta ·
    hey quick question how do you have it set up to edit a poll? need to change a few options on one and cant
    Pcola'sNB ·
    Hey Tim! I recently received an iPhone and saw that tapatalk is compatible with CR but after I downloaded it, I cannot visit the site anymore! I then deleted the app and then was able to visit CR once again. Do you know how to fix that?
    Skinnyroadster ·
    Tim, quick question. When can I expect to see Hachi back on the site. From my understanding he disregard the rule about posting in the forsale section and is in the infraction ban.

    When ever you get a change shoot me a PM back.

    Thanks a bunch
    silverslider ·
    I didn't know where to give my input on the site so i'll just bother you. Haha
    The roadster of the month could you guys include the user name of the owner. So if you had questions about the car you could contact them. Or make a thread for that car so people could discuss said car. Plus I'm a regular on maybe someone check their setup for ideas (dedicated sections just for certain models)
    Just a few ideas.
    BAM! ·
    Hey just got off the phone with you. This is AJ Ngo, and I was looking for a thread on the NOPRO wide body kit install. Thanks in advance for your help!

    AJ aka BAM!
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