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  1. installing the front susp.. easiest way?

    Just to finish up this post, I unbolted the "tongue" and it basically just dropped right out. Very simple. I think good-win's website has a how to on this method. Also, going from Tein Flex to stock with lowering springs is a night and day difference. Thanks for everyones help.
  2. installing the front susp.. easiest way?

    I'm going from Tein Flex to stock struts on HR springs. Was anything in the way of the front alignment bolt when trying to take it out? To me it looks like the frame is in the way. I think I'll try the lower ball joint like the instructions from goodwin. But I would really like to try the...
  3. installing the front susp.. easiest way?

    Before I start ripping out everything to get to the long bolt, what else needs to be removed for taking out the long bolt? I just checked and there looks to be at least the swaybar mounting bracket to also be removed. Thanks!!!
  4. installing the front susp.. easiest way?

    I searched and found a few good tips for removing/installing the front suspension. The best way I read was to remove the 2 lower alignment bolts and the bottom end just drops. Using this way will make it necessary to have an alignment right after of course. I just checked mine (because I'm...
  5. Got a decent camera+nice photo area

    General Automotive Chat
    My nikon names the pictures with DSC also... He's probably looking at the EXIF data. Nice Sony DSC-P52 :wink:
  6. Need Xbox 360 game recomendations

    Pub Roadster
    I know its not a FPS or racing game, but check out Assassins Creed. I've played it for both the 360 and PS3 and its a great game.
  7. Autocross Practice at Driftday 41! On the 12th!

    I need a helmet! I checked the website and it says there will be helmets on sale. Do you have any information on the helment selection? I may have to buy one there if I sign up for this. thanks
  8. White NA w/ Black HT & wheels on 5 freeway

    Whose Roadster is THAT?
    I saw a white NA with black hardtop and black wheels, TEIN sticker on the fenders on the 5 south between the 710 and the 605. I think your drivers side turn signal was out. I was in the black NA with white hardtop with black wheels... wanna trade hardtop??
  9. RyokuRacing Meet

    just wondering.... do the cops come by this meet often?
  10. Daikei BOSS hub

    The silver ring is what completes the circuit for the horn, you want that in. I used velcro or electrical tape to stop the noise. I think it was velcro because i hate the residue that electrical tape leaves.
  11. 14x7 wheel... what size tires?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I got them from: Tire Central 5132 Walnut Grove Ave San Gabriel, CA 91776 (626)698-1182 Tell them Edwin sent you. -Anthony
  12. 14x7 wheel... what size tires?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Fenders not rolled (yet). I don't know how low my car is (maybe a cigarette pack tall ways could fit under my front GV lip). I have spacers but haven't put them on yet (waiting for fenders to be rolled)
  13. 14x7 wheel... what size tires?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I like them, work well with 195/60/14 azenis, but I wish I would have picked up the kook's RS2 because of rubbing issues. I don't know about the weight of 225 tires. hope that helps
  14. mobile version?

    Community Help
    I use a T-Mobile MDA with Windows Mobile 5. Is there a different url for the WAP Version?
  15. mobile version?

    Community Help
    I thought I remember something about a mobile version of the site but can't remember if its true or find a link. Does anyone know if this is available or am I smoking something new? Every time I try to access the site from my mobile device, it refreshes the page each time if finishes loading...
  16. Hello From UK- wide body mk1 (with pics)

    New Member Introductions
    nice 265s!!! i haven't seen them in anything below +32 offset. What offset are yours?
  17. new from Cerritos/UCI

    New Member Introductions
    I grew up in Cerritos... even went to cerritos high. welcome!
  18. Fendor rolling in So Cal

    PM sent!
  19. Fendor rolling in So Cal

    Andrew: I don't know if you have access to a tool, but would you be able to do it? I'll pay of course. I don't mind paying someone, I just want someone that knows what they're doing. haha
  20. 14x7 wheel... what size tires?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Nice! I think I'll be satisfied with these. Those 225's look right on there... no bubble effect at all. Thanks!
1-20 of 158 Results