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  1. 4x4 thread (not to be confused with the slammed thread)

    Locking a thread for merely 2 comments when you guys play favorite to Nannerpus and his comments. He can **** all day on threads, but his style is what you agree on, so therefore we got shut done and he instigated the argument in the first place. Get rid of the instigators and this forum will go...
  2. SlammedMiata! :)

    New Member Introductions
    What part of SC? Levi tagged me in one of your photos on instagram if you know him. Car looks really good though, man. Welcome!
  3. You laugh you lose thread 2.o

    Pub Roadster
    The person who invented treadmills had no intention of fitness happening, that was merely a coincidence. lol
  4. First House - Gut, remodel, budget.

    Non-Roadster Projects
    I must learn this "prioritizing" phrase you speak of.
  5. MSR "Hellaflush" wheels

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
  6. First House - Gut, remodel, budget.

    Non-Roadster Projects
    So you went to college for what exactly? You're doing what I want haha. Great looking house, and that decent stereo is probably one of the best. Keep up the great work! Now build a Miata with that awesome detail haha
  7. callmesam's 1997 Miata

    Roadster Projects
    Looks great! Love the way its sitting. I wouldn't go any lower, unless you really wanted too of course haha
  8. Ryan's 1990 Turbo 1.6L...Meow

    Roadster Projects
    Re: Ryan's 1990 Miata...Meow I shaved mine, looks muchhh better. Keep up the work man. Glad to see this car went to a great owner and someone better than the owner who had it before haha.
  9. The Slammed Thread 2.0

    Super sad Drew's car was totalled the other night :cry: Idiot drunk drivers.
  10. NB Parts stance coilovers + upgraded 550+400 springs

    For Sale or Trade
    I had no clue that you lived in Charlotte. I'm in Lancaster SC, which is only like 45 min away.
  11. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    Yeah there was. Fixed it now though. Gah that's old lol
  12. NA Parts Supertech 85mm 11.0:1 Pistons

    For Sale or Trade
    If I wasn't back in school I would snatch these up just because I would get to meet another CR member. GLWS
  13. 1st mods

    General Automotive Chat
    I'd skip the exhaust for now. Roll bar definitely, but a sturdy one. You would gain more with an intake if you want power. What are your plans? Long-term plans? Boost? Track/drift? Slam? Those all will help what direction is best. I'd save for coilovers first. Get the more pricey items first.
  14. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    This is spot on. Keep it up, Jess. I love your car. I want to see this thing alive already.
  15. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    Olloclip by ThisGuyNamedJames, on Flickr
  16. Tie rod interchangability.

    Finally getting around to installing mine, finally. Let the fun of removing the other side begin :/
  17. Anyone tried the clear eBay turn signals?

    Clear ones look amazing IMO.
  18. The Slammed Thread 2.0

    Get different wheels and a smaller sidewall tire and your will notice a huge difference. I wouldn't take acollar out on those coils because of them not locking and staying well just with one. edit: The owner has it so I can't really share it...
  19. The Slammed Thread 2.0

    I answered in a PM but I will post it so the question doesn't get asked again. haha. It is Fayence Blue Metallic. A GM color from like 2011 or 2012. I can't really remember. 7799111744_6a55ebe3c5_o by ThisGuyNamedJames, on Flickr
  20. The Slammed Thread 2.0

    Hopefully the whiny little pricks will shut up this time. 7688251302_9815f38aa4_z by ThisGuyNamedJames, on Flickr
1-20 of 456 Results