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  1. chevy v8 powered miata on eBay, automatic no roll bar

    ..... i would drive it..... yaaaaa do like
  2. new miata owner, still a subaru idiot.

    New Member Introductions
    DUDE i came from the subie world too 2000 Impreza wagon. swapped with a 05 EJ20 Stage 2. rolled fenders V5 front bumper swap. hella J30 headlights i built. miata is an easy motor but i miss having such easy to change parts like the subie. all the accessories top side and the easiest clutch...
  3. NA Parts Bilstien HD shocks any condition

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Yup thats what it says i need bilstien HD's blow or used or new is allllll good. don't really need springs or top hats PM me i PROMISE i will forget to check the ad full set or just a few are fine and ill just replace what i cant find with new
  4. NA Parts Hard Dog M1 sport

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold this morning local for 100
  5. andrew_j's miata build

    Roadster Projects
    I have another 94 head and cams in my basement but it needs machined, it was overheated and thats what caused it to fail. To be honest, I was pulling them off when I found that I threw a wrench and went in the house and cracked a beer. I will report back when I am calm enough to take the rest...
  6. NA Parts Hard Dog M1 sport

    For Sale or Trade
    you would think.... still no luck on any kinda sale
  7. NA Parts Hard Dog M1 sport

    For Sale or Trade
    I might end up having to ship it. I'm going to get a few qoutes monday just to see if i feel like dealing with trying to wrap it up.
  8. Power windows for NA eBay!!!

    Audio & Electronics
    the OEM power windows suck so maybe that will be better if it even comes close to fitting
  9. Power windows for NA eBay!!!

    Audio & Electronics
    someone will trade you im sure
  10. NA Parts Hard Dog M1 sport

    For Sale or Trade
    Because cali laws are lamo
  11. NA Parts Hard Dog M1 sport

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling the bar that came in my car when i bought it. Took it out before i sold the car. I don't have the bolts or backing plates. 250$ picked up im not shipping it not looking for any trades Located in Blacksburg VA 24060 will drive a little bit to meet someone [/IMG]
  12. phillyb?'s little white bitch

    Roadster Projects
    Re: phillyb's bone crunching, deer jumping miatatata door panal kick ass
  13. My Daily that Shouldn't Be a Daily

    Roadster Projects
    The snow pic is awesome
  14. ThaiT's 1990 White Mazda Miata Daily Project Build=]

    Roadster Projects
    i wish i had a set of 13x7 well done
  15. '89 Eunos Roadster Track Hack

    Roadster Projects
    I like the wheels never seen those before
  16. wannabe MSM/coupe drift build thing

    Roadster Projects
    Re: SOOO LONGG GAY BOYS....Build That thing is bad ass i love it
  17. My $600 Miata , Budget build Thread

    Roadster Projects
    Thats a killer deal. i would sell the hard top and have a free car.
  18. v6 ?

    Engine Swaps!
    i hear good things on the mustang early 2000 V6. a friend got a deal on one that was built and then couldnt pay the machine shop for it. its getting supercharge and going in his drift FC
  19. Clutch went limp

    Engine & Transmission
    ya as cheap as the master and slave is. its worth doing them both and a SS line too
  20. Car will barely idle and barely run under 2500rpm

    Engine & Transmission
    TPS sensor? i woulnt think pump if it runs well at higher RPM. Vac leak?
1-20 of 40 Results