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  1. Short Shifter for NA Miata

    Engine & Transmission
    ^^^ This! I have this short shifter in 6 speed iteration & it's great. More expensive, yes, but does come with all of the boots, gaskets, & bushings to completely rebuild your shifter & make it shift like butter.
  2. NA Parts Greddy 1.6 turbo kit (socal)

    For Sale or Trade
    Only to add to for sale thread...I have a Greddy downpipe to go with this if needed. Mildly ported original Greddy downpipe & midpipe for $80 + any shipping. GLWS, OP...I have this kit, folks, on a stock internal 1.6L making 210rwhp. Great kit for the money!
  3. Pictures of CarbonMiata products fitted on customers' Miatas

    David...your car looks great! That white car with the CF accents & the red LE interior is the dog's danglies. I'll have a pic with my stuff once I fix the trunk I'm attaching the rear spoiler to.
  4. NA Parts Artech Greddy 2.5" Downpipe Full Stainless

    For Sale or Trade
    PMed (multiple spastic PM's) :cool:
  5. Found this for sale today. Wow, this guy is dreaming asking $7500

    Pub Roadster
    Hey...that thing has a super cool honker sticking out the back. That has to be worth some cabbage. Style!
  6. shift knobs....what are you guys using?

    Knobmeister custom mahogany knob with 6 speed shift pattern etched in the top. It's on a Miata Roadster's short shift kit with angled Miata Roadster's shifter extension.
  7. NA Parts Bride / Trap / Borla sale

    For Sale or Trade
    Re: Bride / Trap / Borla / Defi / Racepak etc sale PMed
  8. NA Nardi wheel

    Personally, I can never have enough Italian racing magic. Makes my sticker peck out.
  9. You cannot just...

    General Automotive Chat
    My shiz gonna bring mad money with a built engine & big turbo. Yeah! :p
  10. How can I stop wanting to drive my NA?

    Pub Roadster
    I do have a suitable suggestion. You can turbo the crap out of it & in an effort to make sure the engine gets ample fuel in boost with the future plans of a built engine & large turbo, have your buddy talk you into an elaborate fuel system that incorporates 3/8ths NPT fuel line all the way from...
  11. CarbonMiata: Group buy 1: Carbon fiber trunk spoiler for MX-5 Miata Eunos Mk1/NA

    Group Buys
    Yep, says so in the post. Can drill trunk but not recommended. I want this is...well... nonexistent
  12. Georgia guys?

    Yepper...not far from Oakwood @ all (you'd be attending Gainesville College I assume). Also puts you real close to Miata Afterworld (great shop & source for miata parts) & Road Atl!
  13. NA Parts 36mm NARDI classic wood

    For Sale or Trade
    I'll take second one. PMed
  14. Georgia guys?

    Ha! We miss ya, bro. You're car is still ridiculous.
  15. My Miata Ford V-8

    Engine Swaps!
    Nice work! I should have put a Ford V8 in my parts car but I parted the rest of it out instead. I still go back & forth if it was the right decision. Wife sure is happier this way. She doesn't care for my miata. Full pics of the car would be great.
  16. Broke my Boss hub in half..

    That had to be a bitch when it broke. If you were pushing it hard in a turn the car & possibly you would have been FUBARed. I don't understand how they get away with selling this junk without getting the crap sued out of them. Glad you & the car are okay.
  17. CF and FRP Products Suggestions

    Yes, make this! And something along these lines in CF & FRP...dash mounted gauge pod:
  18. Fly in 92's retro roadster inspired build thread

    Roadster Projects
    Revlimiter parts do look great. I really do need to get busy sorting out my interior but most my dough has gone into performance so far.
1-20 of 43 Results