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  1. One Year Anniversary KINOD T-shirts NOW WITH DESIGN **ORDERS CLOSED**

    I was actually thinking about reprinting this one because I've been so disappointed by the recent designs. I may reprint this one or make a new one for OG's only. If you're and OG then hit me up on FB.
  2. NA Parts 14x7 -2 Work Equip 02s

    For Sale or Trade
    these were in my garage for months. should have just bought them straight from cali, instead of picking them up from ohio or whatever midwest state i shipped them out to! either way, bump!!!
  3. Need a mechanic Los Angeles

    General Automotive Chat
    Haines mazda specialist, in alhambra.
  4. NA Vehicle 1990 Miata - San Diego

    For Sale or Trade
  5. NA Parts 14x7 -2 work equip 02's

    For Sale or Trade
    very good price, these things are super clean.
  6. Jdmpalace post your car!

    i like everything about this car. everything.
  7. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    my cars been hiding from the forums.
  8. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    last night

    i put mk1s in my vents, now i have no airflow. thinking of changing it to leadsleads or rays shotguns.
  10. Adding to my Miata's exterior

    and gv style sideskirts. get some XXR (xtra xtra rice?) wheels raceland coils drop it. wait for positive reactions. but really, drop it a bit, HT, and dont care what people say just keep raging man!
  11. NB Parts FS: NB Cusco Safety 21 6 point cage

    For Sale or Trade
    safety 21 branded is steel, cusco branded one is chromoly.
  12. 01/13/2012 Kinod where?

    while else would kinod exist?
  13. NA Parts 90-97 speedometer cable

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    new ones are like 70 bucks. check the sponsors.
  14. NA Parts WTB: RS*R Ex-Mag GTII

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    ill trade you. straight up. no reach around needed
  15. The Slammed Thread.

    been waiting for this, i sent those wheels out to you. holla atcha boi!!!
  16. NA Vehicle The Blue Potato - 1995 Mazda Miata - Marietta, GA

    For Sale or Trade
    saddest thread of 2012 :cry2:
  17. Can us OG's have our own section?

    Community Help
  18. cusco coilover adjustment?

    those are only spring perch adjustable. what you want to do is remove the assist springs at the top. that will let you drop it way low. its also not gonna look any shorter because they arent on the car so there is nothing compressing the spring.
  19. Jo's MINI "garage"

    very awesome, im sure the IE guys will appreciate this.
1-20 of 493 Results