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  1. Bad ECU?

    Audio & Electronics
    I’ll apologize now for the forthcoming wall of text. The last post here that I had made dictates the beginning of my dilemma. It seems no one has read it, and I haven’t found much relevant to J-rad’s initial issue that wasn’t covered already. So I begin this new thread... For clarification...
  2. Super Depressing Song Thread

    Pub Roadster
    I’ll be sure to tread lightly :where’stheemokidsmilie:
  3. TMS relay location 1990 MX5 running lights, tail light and interior lights are not coming on.

    Audio & Electronics
    Necro-post FTL. But would rather post in a relevant thread than start a new one. I’m having a major short to ground on the Red/Black wire in the fuse box. I’m wondering what circuits are on this wire besides the radio, the running/parking/tail lights and gauge cluster lights. The radio wiring...
  4. Doep Sh*tzzz!

    General Automotive Chat
    A German acquaintance of mine used to work at that Mercedes test track, which I believe is in Stuttgart. He was a test driver there back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. A funny story he tells everyone is the one time he had a passenger on in the car, an engineer friend of his I believe (who...
  5. Doep Sh*tzzz!

    General Automotive Chat
    Like I said, awesome history lesson.
  6. Doep Sh*tzzz!

    General Automotive Chat
    I remember someone posted this before (maybe in b&w), saying something like the least valuable cars in the pic are the E-Types. That Alfa looks pretty bitchin though.
  7. Random Thoughts 7.0 (Don't crash me bro)

    Pub Roadster
    I remember when SCC(I think)had one as a pseudo-project, something like 280hp and the weight of an empty beer can.
  8. NA Is it really?

    General Automotive Chat
    From the photos, it doesn't really look like a blown gasket. From your description of what happened, it definitely has a warped head/block.
  9. Removing Axle/Hub Nuts

    If the PB Blast doesn't work, try a 50:50 mixture of ATF and acetone. Just don't get it on any paint.
  10. JDM Pizza Delivery Mustang

    Non-Roadster Projects
  11. JDM Pizza Delivery Mustang

    Non-Roadster Projects
    (Imagines a drift battle vs. the General Lee with eurobeat version of "Dixie" in the background)
  12. Safe to Flush Oil Cooler?

    Engine & Transmission
    He was actually trying to be helpful. He meant to put the oil from the cooler into a ziplock bag, then use a flashlight from behind to look for metal particles. A magnet will also be helpful.
  13. Wilwood Dynalite 2-Pot rear calipers?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Flying Miata sells a 4-pot rear setup too, from their Little Big Brake kit. Even available with a parking brake. Flyin Miata Stage 2 Rear Brake Upgrade
  14. The Eppic Offroadster

    Roadster Projects
    I swear the tongue makes it look like a small hyperactive dog playing in the snow. Totally cool.
  15. THE quick question - quick answer thread

    General Automotive Chat
    I can't remember if the oem lugs for newer mazdas were cone seat or mag seat, but I want to say cone seat. Now the majority of cone seat wheels, oem included, utilize the 60* seat, so aftermarket lug nuts would be compatible.
  16. Doep Sh*tzzz!

    General Automotive Chat
    I suspect you are referring to the asking price, which is blasphemous. Carfax shows it was crashed before too...:haiguyths:
  17. Doep Sh*tzzz!

    General Automotive Chat
  18. THE quick question - quick answer thread

    General Automotive Chat
    Thanks for the info guys. I might be mistaken, but I think that ATF could cause damage to the main/rod bearings in the long term. Something about an ingredient that is beneficial to the clutch packs in automatic transmissions that is detrimental to the bearings and erodes the tin faster.
  19. Most Recent Shots of Your Car Thread

    I did that with the trunk of my car once. Oh the looks I got with that.
  20. Pics of Various MIATA IRTB set ups

    IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    I'm not trying to sound like a ****, but notice both of his posts were a year ago. Also notice his post count here is just two as well... I wouldn't doubt one could find his build thread on without too much trouble. I'm also fairly certain there was another member here who ran an OBX...
1-20 of 24 Results