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  1. I got a gas leak and I need to know where to look!

    Engine & Transmission
    Could be the injectors. See if you see a pool of gas above the engine near the intake.
  2. Autokonexion duck tail turnk:o

    Here's my v2 trunk.

    Check out the hole above the far right rivet, like he tried to mount it more flush to the panel.
  4. Matte finish from the factory. Your feelings?

    General Automotive Chat
    Can't believe how many of you are bitching about the Veloster's looks (matte paint aside). Compared to accents, elantras and tiburons of years past, Hyundai has come a long way. I can't think of a hatchback from honda, toyota, nissan or even the sti that looks better than the Veloster. I...
  5. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Agreed. UFC has had a lot of wrestling with weak to no ground and pound lately. Guys laying on top of each other barely throwing a punch. At least the jiu jitsu guys go for submissions. I've been liking Bellator lately. Always a lot of knockouts and action in the their tournaments. That...
  6. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    I'm not a fan of St. Pierre, but I hope he crushes Diaz. The Diaz brothers act like bullies and thugs still in high school. They were the type of guys that beat up on dorks and geeks who weren't interested in fighting. The only reason they even get title fights, is because they're trash...
  7. I Let My Tape Rock Til My Tape Popped

    Pub Roadster
    90s haircuts; bowl haircut and I couldn't find a photo of someone with a shaved head and bangs only.
  8. CF and FRP Products Suggestions

    How about a hardtop visor like this.
  9. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Either way, I would rather see Vitor vs. Sonnen rather than Jones Vs. Sonnen. I think it's a complete joke that they gave him that fight for running his mouth and getting his fans all riled up. He didn't earn it and it's a slap in the face to many light heavy weights earning their dues.
  10. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Yea that's going to be a decent card. In September at a local bar I got to meet Barboza, Edgar's training partner who's preparing him for Aldo. Edgar was at the bar too, but was less approachable. They were there for the Vitor-Jones fight. Barboza won this week too. I am rooting for...
  11. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Things are getting heated. Glad to see Vitor drop the Jesus bullshit and get serious.
  12. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Your probably right about Vitor's conditioning but I just have a feeling he's going to KO Bisping in the first round. Bisping will win if he wrestles him to the ground and manages to stay on top. But if he keeps it on the feet, I think he's done. I don't think Vitor will have an issue with...
  13. MMA/UFC Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Always wanted to start a thread on here to discuss fight predictions. This week Bisping doesn't have a chance. Also maybe post your top five favorite fighters with highlight videos for the MMA newbees. I was born in Brazil so mine are all Brazilian. Anderson Silva Vitor Belfort...
  14. Your car vs. How you see it vs. How others see it

    General Automotive Chat
    People don't see this?
  15. Your car vs. How you see it vs. How others see it

    General Automotive Chat
    My car: How I see it: how others see it:
  16. FS NB 99-00 Racing Beat 4-1 Header

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold two years ago...
  17. **The Youtube/ Cool Video Thread**

    Pub Roadster
    old but new to me...
  18. The Official F1 Thread

    General Automotive Chat
    The faster man and faster car won the championship today. Alonzo was fast but was helped all year get extra points from his teammate. Vettel never needed free passes from Webber. Plus he won 5 races this season over Alonzo's 3. This is coming from a Ferrari fan...
  19. The Official F1 Thread

    General Automotive Chat
    It's getting pretty pathetic what Ferrari keep doing to Massa for Alonso. If Alonso can't win by himself then he doesn't deserve the championship. Doesn't Ferrari realize that doing that to Massa kills his confidence and usually makes him slower. The only reason Ferrari hasn't dropped him two...
1-20 of 472 Results