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  1. MAZFEST 2007 July 7 & 8, Sat. and Sun.

    I'll be pitted with Mazdatrix most likely.
  2. Peter's threads

    Hahaha, silly Moss Motors crowd. :mrgreen:
  3. Never before seen, my car topless! Pics inside.

    General Automotive Chat
    Some how I don't think Miata's and West Coats Choppers mix well, lol.
  4. How do racing teams make money?

    Haha there isn't a soul that makes money in Spec Miata let alone anything lower that SPEED TC or GT.
  5. portable and more...

    Pub Roadster
    OMG, I have to buy a DS now!
  6. Learned the hardway that initial D isnt the best place to learn to drift (GMR crash)

    Hahaha, what a goon!!!! $400? Not only are they idiots and not know how to drive but they don't knopw the value of aq dolar. Hahaha, classic.
  7. soo i come home and open my garage..

    General Automotive Chat
    God I love NSXs. Sooo much fun to drive. Even more fun with ITB's. Mmmm :mrgreen:
  8. Removing all four wheels at once?

    Pub Roadster
    Last I checked, NASCAR didn't allow anything that had to do with modern technology. lol.
  9. Forza Motorsport 2 Discussion

    Pub Roadster
    Oh Tam, you and your silly front wheel drive. lol. You know, I must be really bad at hooking up any form of internet... :( Damn my lameness...
  10. Forza Motorsport 2 Discussion

    Pub Roadster
    Mine is in the mail, I can't wait. When I get my Xbox Live set-up I'd like the sticker set too.
  11. The (Price dropped to $140) Clubroadster Track Event. June 30th, SoW.

    I'll most likely be there running and pitting with Mazdatrix.
  12. 6/1/07 KINOD, HARDPARKCREW or do it dirty, don't wash your car!

    I'll be there dropping off parts.
  13. The (Price dropped to $140) Clubroadster Track Event. June 30th, SoW.

    Re: The (CANCELLED, PLEASE READ FIRST POST) Clubroadster Track Event. June 29th, SoW. You guys should come out to one of the open test days at Buttonwillow or on the big track at Willow during the summer with me. I can't promise that I won't pass in the turns though... :mrgreen:
  14. Forza Motorsport 2 Discussion

    Pub Roadster
    Haha, ordered my 360 (w/hard drive , etc...), Forza 2, PGR3, and Microsofts steering wheel all at once. I'm now way broke. lol. :mrgreen:
  15. Red SuperCharged Mazdaspeed E-Prod. Kit on CL

    Whose Roadster is THAT?
    Close, it's a national class in SCCA. It's just the AWR kit slightly modified that's sold through Mazda comp.
  16. update is mostly done!

    Community Help
    Re: update in approx. 25 minutes Yea, it stands for Hector. :mrgreen:
  17. Help, wheel maniacs, i need joo!

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Me too.
  18. Walter Mitty

    Aahahaha, she's said that car has had break issues ever since she got in it. lol. Not like she shouldn't be used to the car since she has one for SSB.
  19. Walter Mitty

    Did anyone see my shop mate get her MX-5 Cup car stuck in a gravel trap? lol.
1-20 of 408 Results