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  1. Possibly purchasing a NC

    General Automotive Chat
    damn 28k for a freakin Miata! holy crap!
  2. AUTO F/I vs Manual F/I

    Forced Induction
    a cobalt LOL lame
  3. AUTO F/I vs Manual F/I

    Forced Induction
    yet the fastest Miata runs an auto :|
  4. Any Mazdaspeed3 owners here? (I'm thinking of getting one)

    General Automotive Chat
    yeah, I actually bought one about a month and a half ago. Sold my 99 turbo miata for it and don't really regret it at all. 1. I paid $25k out the door (tax, tag, reg, etc all incld), not a cent over MSRP and this is for a red GT model without the Nav option but everything else. 2. 0 problems...
  5. Another Enzo bites the dust!!!

    General Automotive Chat
    oh well, one less ugly car on the road...
  6. I swear I saw Fritch today.

    General Automotive Chat
    yeah but if you haven't driven the MS3 I really recommend it before you judge!
  7. I swear I saw Fritch today.

    General Automotive Chat
    dunno why really, was getting bored with the car I guess. Had Miatas daily driven for the past 4+ years and just wanted something... nicer for everyday I suppose. But don't worry, I'll get another one someday.
  8. I swear I saw Fritch today.

    General Automotive Chat
    ha no but get this... I sold my car little over a week ago. So I guess you never know where it could be now. Now you'll have to look for a True Red Mazdaspeed3 to find me :twisted:
  9. So how's the NB aftermarket?

    General Automotive Chat
    but you have to agree, they are the same basic car. Thats fact, not opinion.
  10. Redneck Limo

    General Automotive Chat
    They didn't even spell Cadillac right...
  11. So how's the NB aftermarket?

    General Automotive Chat
    the hose is the the one on the side on the intake manifold toward the bottom on the pass side of the car. Just take it off of there and cap the barb and move it to the extra hose barb on top of the intake manifold and you'll never get the CEL and the EGR will work fine again. And seriously...
  12. I modified my Moss Lo-Pros

    oh I'm no purist, hell I've been called the exact opposite because of bastardizing my 10AE... but whatever. I love the moss lights, use to have them myself on my old NA, just not a fan of the angel eyes is all... or altezza lights on anything really. But its your car and if you like em then...
  13. Spun Supamesh

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I hate how the face of the wheel curves in like that. Looks retarded
  14. Just put on Ratsback rear lip....Check it out

    I totally agree, and now I see they make a front lip for the NB 01+ front bumper. But again it looks too.... BIG. If it were just a little thinner in height I'd probably buy it in an instant, but it just looks HUGE from the pics on their website.
  15. I modified my Moss Lo-Pros

    I think it looks...not so good, but then again I don't like the "angel eyes" on anything other than BMWs
  16. Oil Pressure Gauge standing still?

    Engine & Transmission
    because it cost less
  17. Team Toyota of NACAR got owned (used jet fuel in quali)

    General Automotive Chat
    not currently, but just watch for the "car of tomorrow" where everyone will basically be driving the same car so these variables won't be around so much anymore.
  18. Is it just me or do you guys always want new parts or somethin different?

    General Automotive Chat
    I can only afford to upgrade so much at a time and have a general master plan. So yes I always want something new.
  19. Ticket for being too low?!

    General Automotive Chat
    freakin weird CA laws
  20. craigslist ... vasectomy

    Pub Roadster
    hahahahaah now thats a man that knows what he's doing crazy women
1-20 of 278 Results