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  1. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    Trunk + bumper were white gelcoat. Cheaper for me to temporarily plastidip it all white than try to do a full [proper] repaint in BRG. It will end up BRG I've not had any problems whatsoever with police, despite not having real headlights, speedometer, any muffling in the exhaust, hood, real...
  2. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    I guess I could throw some semi-recent pics up. I've been driving it more since I got actual license plates for it (historical). Issues are still there, but I haven't had time/money to fix them. I'm going to have to stop driving it again because........ it needs tires :lol:: 3gears:
  3. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    The clutch will feel the same before the car even gets warmed up. I have never been able to shift above 4k. It just won't go in. Headers are ceramic coated, the tunnel has heat shielding, the entire exhaust is 2.5" stainless ceramic coated, by the gas tank there are TWO extra shields over the...
  4. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    No, it's in the garage. I hit my foot on the diffuser strakes every time I back the bike out from under the lift behind it. It's the way it reminds me it's there collecting dust. I have a list of things that need completed. This year I can get historical plates and quit f*cking around with...
  5. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    That is what happened. I haz no monies. : 3gears::suicide:
  6. CarbonMiata: Showcase of Our New Range of Aluminum and Plastic Parts

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: You guys make me want an interior. I can use exactly 0 of these items on my Miata and they all look awesome!!! (free bump lol)
  7. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    Bumping this. The car is running cooler this year, don't have as many issues. The weather had been cooler as well and didn't have the fuel boiling issue. Got to mid 70s yesterday and had the issue again. I was hoping it would fix itself lol. Have you noticed a difference since the PS cooler...
  8. Splitters, diffusers, airdams

    I'll put this here but TBH I have no idea if it's doing any good. I haven't had a chance to install a front splitter, although I have the turnbuckles to do so. Started life as a Warhorse Performance diffuser, I designed the 90* ends to mate up with my side exit exhaust(s)... Someone...
  9. KazeSpec Engineering Pro-Car Innovations NA/NB Race Spec Seat Mounts!

    So the 'new' V1's don't have these .5" lower holes? I thought I saw that in here somewhere. Understood on the rollbar thing, but yeah the seat list would be very helpful.
  10. KazeSpec Engineering Pro-Car Innovations NA/NB Race Spec Seat Mounts!

    Man, someone should really go through and condense all the great info as far as what seats fit with what mounts and what heights and rollbars........ and put it in the first post. I see a lot of the same questions asked more than once. Would be a lot easier if this info was on the first page...
  11. Protect Cloth Bucket Seats from Sun Fade?

    Are you thinking they are fading as you are driving or when it's parked? I don't have a top so I was planning on using these while I am not driving: Not sure what to tell you as far as something to "save" the material from the sun while...
  12. zerekfab dual caliper mod

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    +1 on taking caliper off. It's how the rear caliper on my Ducati is mounted, and that's the only way to get the air out, flip it upside down. These are pretty awesome.
  13. The Before and After Thread

    Roadster Projects
    I was searching for "corbeau harness instructions rollbar" and the pic of my car popped up... and led me back to this thread... so... update and huge BUMP FROM THE DEAD!
  14. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    This... this is my fuel issue. Car running: Car off:
  15. Who has a sport bike?

    General Automotive Chat
    Ducati love! Mines the white one. Got it last Tuesday and almost ready for the 600 mile service :)
  16. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    I ran the first vent line out to the back bumper and noticed how much gas was spilling onto my bumper so I then ran a CLEAR vent line from the tank, UP to the seatbelt tower, and down inside the drain tube to the ground. When it's warm outside and the car is warm, I can literally watch the fuel...
  17. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    This was the aforementioned diff issue. I honestly don't know how it happened, I remember torquing the nuts. Either way, it shouldn't happen again. Diff studs are now LSx crank pulley bolts. Because of this... This happened. Stupid me for thinking "I'll paint it whatever color, no one...
  18. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    At the time, it seemed the most badass-looking in my mind. Didn't give the aero too much of a thought--there's only so much room back there. They are just 2 resonators at an angle exiting out. You can stand 10 feet away and if you raise your hand in the air, the exhaust AT IDLE will hit it...
  19. 91 BRG LS6 Build

    Roadster Projects
    So, here are the issues in order of importance that I was having that didn't allow me to put enough miles on the car and that I still have yet to get rid of 100%: 1. Fuel boiling in vent line 2. Coolant temp issue 3. Clutch grabs at high rpm 4. Diff leaking out of pinion seal (apparently that...
  20. Official "Look What Came In The Mail" Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Re: Official "Look what came in the mail!" thread Hoosiers bro, for the track day
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