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  1. BrainStorm Low Pro headlight kit...can I put HID bulbs on 'em?

    Audio & Electronics
    I'm modifying mine to take the 90mm Hella projectors... well, my friend Ted is..
  2. mi culo no gusta del taco

    My wife is so white that Chipotle's mild salsa burns her hiney.
  3. Magnetic drain plugs, anyone have them?

    Engine & Transmission
    Okay, sorry to bump an ancient thread, but I got around to taking pictures of the plugs I bought. One is for my WRX, the other is for my Miata. Guess which one is which! They had to be placed that far apart otherwise they'd snap together. Seriously, they're that strong. They fell off of my...
  4. Earth Ground Wire Kit From Japan?

    Engine & Transmission
    Most of us would benefit from this just by virtue of the fact that we have such old cars. Mine is 16 years old and could definitely use a rehab of hte ground system. I've known this for a while though and haven't done anything about it yet. LOL
  5. I need a clutch

    Engine & Transmission
    This may be coincidental because I've never read anyone else having this issue, but I put a stage 1 Spec clutch in my WRX along with an Exedy flywheel. I had really bad clutch shudder during hte break in period and get occassional slipping when backing into my driveway. I also have a weird...
  6. I need a clutch

    Engine & Transmission
    My 1.6 value line clutch held up to a turbo for almost a year. It's slipping now, but if I am nice to it it doesn't slip.
  7. o2 Sensors

    Engine & Transmission
    Firstly, many cars made after 1996 have more than one cat. The 02-06 WRX has three, one pre turbo and two post. The MR2 Spyder has three and it has less than six feet of exhaust plumbing from it's head to it's tailpipe. It's all in the name of lower emissions. Actually, I can't think of a mass...
  8. Magnetic drain plugs, anyone have them?

    Engine & Transmission
    No, it just pulls all the shavings and crap out of hte fluid, let's you know if big chunks are coming off sometimes. Small grains of metal = normal. Big chunks of metal = $$$.
  9. Magnetic drain plugs, anyone have them?

    Engine & Transmission
    It is, it's a little flat magnet at the bottom, this is a stick style magnet of appearantly epic magnetism though. Again, I'll post pics when I get my oil pan plugs of them holding something of good sized weight. They have pictures of theirs hold cam sprockets and something else, I'm going to...
  10. Magnetic drain plugs, anyone have them?

    Engine & Transmission
    I just ordered one for my Miata and one for my Subaru from a place called Touge Tuning. I inquired about magnetic plugs for the transmission because I really want one for both of those cars too and I haven't found one with a gnarly ol' magnet like the one Touge sells. He said that they don't...
  11. are obx high lift cams any good?

    Engine & Transmission
    They should change the name to O.B.S., because that's basically what they sell. 90% or more of the time they produce pure rubbish.
  12. Aluminum Radiators for NA...What brand and why???

    Engine & Transmission
    I'm not going to lie, I bought it because it was cheaper. I have seen no performance difference (temps). The only thing I can see is I lost a pound or so because of the lighter weight material compared to the stocker I had. Plus the shiny stuff under the hood always makes people go "ooh!"
  13. Steering wheel hubs

    Tekniq Auto quick release and wheel. Very nice unit, no play and no chance someone can put their wheel on my hub and take off.
  14. VQ35DE 350z motor swap

    Engine & Transmission
    If we're talking Nissan engines, then how about someone try and shoehorn a VQ56 from a Titan in there? It seems to fit into the 350Z's engine bay, if I remember correctly the 350Z USD1 drift car has a 5.6 V8 in it.
  15. Need Engine Advice

    Engine & Transmission
    Head studs. I went ARP.
  16. Aluminum Radiators for NA...What brand and why???

    Engine & Transmission
    I have the Koyo stock sized aluminum rad, got a good price on it from an eBay dealer who sells nothing but Koyo radiators. Page3racing or something like that, I'm not home so I can't check. However, if they don't have the dual row listed, just e-mail them. They can get whatever you want, they...
  17. Thinking of boost

    Forced Induction
    Greddy kit and a Bipes ACU, $1400 or so shipped. Installation is a breeze as long as you don't break anything. Here's a good place to get it, a lot of people from the Turbo Miata forum have bought from here. Not the cheapest, especially since the...
  18. SOCAL: Meet, Greet, Eat, and Drive on 11/19/06.

    Here are the pics I took. I will not be held accountable for anything you look at or see outside of the directory I linked to. That's a warning, not humor, as long as you look at directories or images named Miata or Drive you'll be just fine. The...
  19. SOCAL: Meet, Greet, Eat, and Drive on 11/19/06.

    We're going driving in some on some of the best roads SoCal has to offer. Also, bumping the time back to 9:00am.
  20. SOCAL: Meet, Greet, Eat, and Drive on 11/19/06.

    Yeah, followed by some nice drives.
1-20 of 171 Results