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  1. NA Parts Duce Body Kit

    For Sale or Trade
    Putting this back up for sale. $700 obo picked up in San Diego. Painted a flake red with no cracks in it, just some holes from zipties... getting rid of my car so need for this body kit.
  2. NA Parts FS : Duce Aero

    For Sale or Trade
    Thanks for shitting up my thread. I said obo, and will take the consideration that you can get it for under a grand with a couple months wait. If you dont want it, go troll someone elses thread. I'm not going to lower my price and lose more than half of what I paid just since some local shop...
  3. NA Parts FS : Duce Aero

    For Sale or Trade
    ^ First of all, not free shipping. Read closely, its at least $150 for freight shipping (calculated to CA for me). And well... I guess prices have dropped down a bit since this kit was brought over here. If anyone wants to go through them then cool; looks like you have to wait a bit for their...
  4. NA Parts FS : Duce Aero

    For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale is a legit duce aero kit (not chaser aero). It came off of Andy's car (see pics) about a year ago. Never put it on or repainted it since I bought it. Still in pretty good condition, only a couple holes for zip ties and the inner front bumper cut for tow hook fitment. It's painted a...
  5. NA Parts 94-97 Right Rear Spindle with ABS

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a 94-97 Right Rear Spindle with ABS, with the hub and all.
  6. Initial D Mountain Run Themed Meet (Sacramento Area)

  7. Who Drifts?

    General Automotive Chat
    Re: Who Drift's? b.s. roadsterdrift is still alive.
  8. SOCAL Rambling thread

    Wheres the best wrecking yard/place with miatas? I need a rear 1.8 upright w/ ABS
  9. photoshop request?

  10. NA Vehicle 1995 NA8 White 134k miles

    For Sale or Trade
    So true...
  11. NA Vehicle 1990 Miata - San Diego

    For Sale or Trade
    Bump. Price drop + edited out parts that I sold.
  12. San Diego Engine Builders?

    Millenium motorsports specializes in engine work where as jspfab does fantastic fabrication work. Both of the owners are great guys and I know them personally. Vouched.
  13. Jeff Abbott's 2012 Formula D livery contest

    General Automotive Chat
    Hey guys, we would appreciate it if you could take a moment and vote on Jeff Abbott's new livery for the 2012 Formula Drift season. Jeff's been a big influence in the miata drifting community and we would appreciate your vote! More votes = more support for us and our sponsors! You will also be...
  14. SOCAL Rambling thread

    Anyone want to trade their p/s rack for my manual rack? 1.6
  15. NA Vehicle 1990 Miata - San Diego

    For Sale or Trade
    A. I'm not in a rush to sell B. If you price it out REALISTICALLY in what could be parted out, there's a good $5.5k easy just in aftermarket parts (resale prices. not retail). Not including maintenance, paint, and all the small things sub $100 i didnt bother to price. I just don't have the time...
  16. NA Vehicle 1990 Miata - San Diego

    For Sale or Trade
    $6,200 obo. Located in San Diego. NOT parting out as of now. -1,200 without the work wheels/tires 1990-Base model. Power nothing; also known as the lightest NA ever made. Engine runs strong at ~135k Everything works. Clean title- I'm the 3rd owner; had the car since Jan 06'. All maintenance...
  17. FIX THIS...NOW!

    Community Help
    "yo dawg, we heard you like xzibit. "
  18. Large cruise ship sinks off Italian coast

    Pub Roadster
  19. Can us OG's have our own section?

    Community Help
    everyone join
1-20 of 449 Results