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  1. Vintage Cafe CL175 Build

    Non-Roadster Projects
    Needs new updates!!!
  2. CHEAP parts leftover from sold miata

    For Sale or Trade
    I am not the same member as PcolaNB. Valve cover is for 1.8, Side amrkers are the ones that go on the fenders. HowHangsNA, let me know about the side turn signals and your address.
  3. CHEAP parts leftover from sold miata

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold my miata awhile back and have this stuff laying in the garage. Its going in the trash if nobody wants it, I just want to make enough to ship and a couple bucks for gas. --good condition 97 miata steering wheel. NO AIRBAG, has a little wear on the top but no rips $15 -- 97 miata gauge...
  4. hey everybody how many roadsters are there around pensacola fl

    General Automotive Chat
    therecuse to be a good amount, but now we've all sold/crashed them. so no more. maybe i'll own one again in way far away future. but for now i just work on my bike ad drive my old sentra. sorry guy.
  5. FS: misc stuff

    For Sale or Trade
    edited with stuff that is gone and pending.
  6. I got my first MAYATA yesterday!

    General Automotive Chat
    Phatmiata nailed it. congrats May, sick pics.
  7. FS: misc stuff

    For Sale or Trade
    1.8 valve cover, exposed cams - $50 shipped used 1.8 ARP headstuds - $35 (Used once and pulled by another person, I bought them and they've sat in a plastic bag) JDM sidemarkers - $40 shipped Toyota Celica COP for a COP conversion - $40 shipped ---- pending. I live in Pensacola, Fl 32507
  8. FS: Perfect condition NA 1.8 AC Compressor

    For Sale or Trade
    I'm very interested, could you please take a picture of everything included?
  9. Post your ATV/Motorcycles: past or present

    Pub Roadster
    My triumph TT600 turned speed four with Daytona 600/650 subframe. I've been building it from the bottom up and damn has it cost me some money and headaches. how I started: now: still missing the rear bodywork. Just finished rewiring the charging system and now I need a new starter damnit...
  10. upgraded to a NB

    General Automotive Chat
  11. Red NA on Whisper Way in P'cola

    Whose Roadster is THAT?
    could have been me. my car is super filthy. Still down here?
  12. Which lug nuts should I go with? Red or Chrome?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I can tell you right now, the top ones chrome peels off pretty easily.
  13. NeoLite 7" H4 Headlamp from Classic Garage

    Audio & Electronics
    Could you post a pic like the one above with yours?
  14. So what do you all think of this NB

    it seems like you just want an FD again.
  15. V8 Miata Autox *VIDEOS* ..last page

    Engine Swaps!
    the car looks super controlled on those tires, haha. That course is just too short.
  16. Art Works Dewa GROUP BUY **CLOSED** in MPH

    Group Buys
    so around 130 before shipping?
  17. Post your Mud Guard equipped roadsters!

    preview your posts, crazy guy!
  18. 2008 kawasaki ninja 250R

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    clear title in your name?
  19. 2008 kawasaki ninja 250R

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    what gear do you have for it along with sizes?
1-20 of 487 Results