1. Meet my new (to me) 10AE [SF Bay Area]

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks, I recently picked up a used 10AE NB Miata after DECADES of planning, lurking, and talking about it. It came with the color-matched hardtop, the 10AE model car and a set of Seiko watches. Had about 137K on the ODO when I paid $5K for it. Ran well, but the Stance coilovers installed...
  2. 10AE seats for sale

    For Sale or Trade
    Seats been out of the car and in plastic bags for quite awhile: the Pax seat since ~2003, the driver's seat since ~2001, and they are in VERY good shape - the only blemish is on the driver's seat, as pictured. $400.00 for both and you pay shipping or p/u in SoCal. ********SOLD**********