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  1. Moss Miata
    Moss is now pleased to carry a set of Cobalt brand spark plug wires for 2001-05 for only $24.95! Beats the NGK price and blows the Magnecor and OEM price completely out of the water. We've had the Cobalt brand set for 1990-2000 for quite a few years and they are great performers (I have a set...
  2. Audio & Electronics
    Hey guys, I have a 2001 non bose and a Pyle double din that I'm trying to install. So far I have a pigtail that goes from the cars harness and I'm ordering one to connect to the radio for a clean reversible upgrade. I've been searching all through and cr to find some information on what...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    Name: Chris Location: Norfolk, Va. Means of contact: PM or text 570-660-6602 Price: $200 plus actual shipping charges. Description: I have the original exhaust manifold that came on my 2003, I took it off during the motor swap and put on a raceland header. The car had 80k on the clock when...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    Where: Norfolk, Va How Much: $170 +actual shipping Contact: PM preferred I just got a motor to swap into my 2003 miata and now have 2 exhaust manifolds that I won't be using. This sale is for the one that came on a 2003 Miata with 22k miles. Perfect upgrade for younger miata that don't want to...
1-4 of 4 Results