1. NA+NB Parts 6UL 15X8 4X100 New in Box

    For Sale or Trade
    I've decided to start going to the track again and getting my NB up to snuff...dusting off all the cobwebs and stuff that has built up in the garage over the past 6 years. I found a few things that maybe of interest to my fellow Miata owners I have 4 15X8 Silver 6UL Wheels 4X100 ET +36 these...
  2. Taxi: 200whp project

    IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    This is a raggedy little NA6 we had previously set up for training in our SuperMiata race series with a 145whp NB2 engine. We call it the Taxi because its purpose in life is to give people rides. We had this 2.0L 13.0:1 Whammy sitting in the back of our shop for two years so I had the silly idea...
  3. ND project

    Roadster Projects
    CAD renders of the ND we're building with Mazda. It'll be a track rat that we'll give rides in. It's our primary parts development car so it'll be a bit different every time we take it out. Roll bar is just teh concept drawing. Blackbird Fabworx will build the actual bar for soft top delete...
  4. Gen4 6UL @ 949 Racing

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Our next shipment of 15x8's should be here around the end of October (2014). We're almost sold out but our dealers still have wheels available to pre-order. Contact them directly for inventory. The new for 2014 gen4 6UL wheel is flow formed and over a...
  5. NA Parts [CAN GTA] 949racing 6UL 15x9 Nickel Embossed

    For Sale or Trade
    Location: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada - Markham 15x9 6ULs nickel, embossed "949" and "6UL" These rims are in excellent condition with no curb rash, only some small tire mounting scuffs and dirt. Currently mounted are 275 Hoosier R6s that are spent. Only 200-300 on-track...
  6. NA Parts For Sale: 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 & 15x10 Nickel wheels with Falkens in Los Angeles, CA

    For Sale or Trade
    I have a set of 949 Racing 6UL 15x9 +36 & 15x10 Nickel +25 wheels with Falken Ziex tires with 95% tread life in Los Angeles, CA. Tires are 205/50 and 225/50 with a very mild stretch to them. They came off my MR2 Spyder after selling it and thought they would go to my dad's Miata, but change of...
  7. 15x10 6UL @ 949 Racing

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    VIA testing is complete. First samples here in a week or two. Going into production in mid July. Now Taking Orders for August 2011 shipment 15x10 13.5 lbs 4x100 +25, 6.45" back space VIA certified Clearance fro 11.75" rotors and Wilwood DP6 calipers Visit the website, email or call us for...
  8. 6UL 15x7-7.5-8-9 comparison pics

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Some of you may be deciding between the 6UL variants so I though I'd post these images to show the differences. Exact same car. Just jacked it up and swapped wheels. All inflated to 30psi. Oh and yes, the 15x7 & 15x7.5 are finally in production. Due here in November. Full resolution versions...
  9. 15x7 -15x7.5 6UL @ 949 Racing

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    These long awaited 6UL sizes are finally going into production. Now accepting pre-orders for July 2010 shipment 15x7 +36 4x100 11.9 lbs 15x7.5 +42 4x100 12.1 lbs To reduce weight and retain a slightly wider lip, we eliminated brake clearance for the 11" Wilwood brake conversions. OEM...
  10. 6UL Wheels - Now taking orders

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    We're doing a short production run to fill in these versions we ran out of last month. Many of you asked me to announce when we would be making the next batch so here it is. 15x8 Black 15x8 Matte Bronze 15x8 Nickel 15x9 Matte bronze 15x9 Nickel Taking orders now. They'll be here in November...
  11. 15x9 Matte Bronze 6UL's with 225/45-15 NT-01's - Now with pics!

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Finally got a chance to take a few pics in the daylight. I think the wheels look good on a black car. Something is rubbing the inside wheel barrel on the front at full lock. I'm going to have to look into that before the next autox. Might just need to raise the car a tiny bit.