1. Godspeed Mono SS Coilover review

    Here is my Review of the Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers for my 97 Miata. I got these second hand off a local for $550 which is the only reason I sprung for them. I used to have Ohlins DFV's on this car but picked up a 04 MSM and I have since then made that car the serious track car. Having swapped...
  2. Miata pulling to the right.

    Ok so i am having a problem with my miata. Ive aligned it three times because it has been pulling to the right. It started doing it when i had it on the oem suspension a couple weeks back. And i installed the coilovers last week and it still pulls the exact same way. I put it on the alignment...
  3. My new alignment settings

    Just want to get some feedback and thoughts on my alignment done last night: I don't know much about alignment, but the 1 degree of difference in the rear camber doesn't seem right. What do you guys think about these settings? It's mainly for daily driving and occasional auto-x. Will these...
  4. Reccomendations For Drift Alignment

    Ok guys, I'm set to get home soon and want to get a proper alignment setup for drifting. I tried searching but came up to no avail. My suspension, steering components, and rims and tires all have changed since my last one drasticly. I'm pretty slammed low too if that helps out any. I don't know...