1. AutoX program at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA

    Come Test your car and driving skills on a fun and exciting course. Course includes sweeping turns, tight turns, coned slaloms, flying finish, and more. NO cone shagging duties. Just relax, have fun, and drive! Open to all Makes and Models of Cars Open to all Driver skill levels Vehicle must...
  2. Need Tires? Let PTS help you "Get a Grip"

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    If it's time to buy tires for your car, check out Whether you're looking for high performance summer tires for the street or you're tracking the car, PTS just might have the right tire! We carry Toyo Proxes RR, RA1, R888, & R1R as well as BFG g-Force Rival, Rival-S, R1,&...
  3. Godspeed Mono SS Coilover review

    Here is my Review of the Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers for my 97 Miata. I got these second hand off a local for $550 which is the only reason I sprung for them. I used to have Ohlins DFV's on this car but picked up a 04 MSM and I have since then made that car the serious track car. Having swapped...
  4. AutoXing your slammed Miata

    So today I attended my first Autocross event ever and well I love it. Now my car is in no way set up for any type of racing it's just bone stock except for some coils that are too low, wheels that are too big and tires that are too small lol. Anyways in the beginning everybody was like :rice...
  5. Miata #2 Don't blow it... up (the build)

    Roadster Projects
    A few weeks ago I picked up a 97 Miata M edition after wanting another one for over almost a year after I blew my first Miata up. The first was one I had was a 94 that was with the Jackson racing supercharger that was installed by some hillbilly. I picked it up for cheap but it blew up 3...
  6. A question for the Miata drivers in STR class SCCA racing?

    Hey guys, somewhat new here. I have a question for any of you who drive your Miatas in (SCCA) STR class. I need a decent race seat that'll fir in this tiny ass car while still weighing at least 21 pounds with the rails (Im not sure if this is the exact weight cause i dont have the rule book next...
  7. Cody's racecar build log

    Roadster Projects
    If you want a brief summed up build head over to my IG, Cody.mason109 is the username. This is my build log for my racecar. Mostly for documenting things for myself but i do appreciate feedback from my fellow CR brethren. As the car sits now 2/2/16 Onto the build though. So I bought ole'...
  8. Speed Ventures Autcross August 11-12 ACS

    949 Racing will be designing and setup up the autocross course at AutoClub Speedway next weekend. William will have his new enduro car as well as the SM he just picked up. I'll have the 95R street project car, my daily '91 beater and the TAG Rotax kart. For those of you that have not come to...
  9. NA Vehicle 1990 Mazda Miata Autocross / Track Prepared in OC So Cal

    For Sale or Trade
    Have my 1990 Mazda Miata up for grabs. The tags are current and the title is clean. Adult owned. I've owned this car for a while and have built a solid autocross / track car out of it, while keeping it totally daily drivable. This car has quite a bit of tasteful upgrades suitable for...
  10. Roadster Shootout at CFRC, July 3rd

    At CFRC on July 3rd, we are having our 1st annual Roadster Shootout autocross event. The Shootout will be run in a similar way to how we run our monthly autocross events, but with a few changes. We normally have a course that could be navigated by a wide range of cars, for this event, we will...
  11. NorCal WTT: 15x6.5 Rota Grid for 15x7/15x8

    For Sale or Trade
    I'm looking to trade my 4x100, 15x6.5, +38 offset, Sport Bronze Rota Grids with 30% Falken Azenis for a set of 15x7 or 15x8 wheels with tires. Mint condition. Looking for some wheels for daily/autocross use. PM me with offers.