1. Door Sill Inserts by
    Door Sill Inserts Sized to be a direct replacement for your beat up factory door sill stickers. Perfect for restoration. Composed of brushed vinyl (same as OEM) and solar-cell quality polyurethane epoxy. Peel off your old sticker and put one of these in its place. Super simple installation...
  2. Bucky, Sharka's little brother

    Roadster Projects
    Look at that stockitude. Stockness. Stockitocity. Most folks know about Bucky, my daily driver. I still get the random "you have an NB?!?!" or "did you put an NB nose on Sharka" reply when Bucky creeps into a Sharka photo, but it doesn't happen too often anymore. Still, Bucky needed a build...
  3. Official XXR Center Cap Badge Thread

    I decided that it's best if I have an official thread for each make of center cap badges that I can keep up to date instead of posting a new thread every time I release a series of badges. This thread is for XXR Center Cap Badge pictures, questions and discussion For those of you interested...