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  1. New to this and a New (old) NA

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all just started on this I don't have so many pictures, but I just put some storm s2s on today with Direzza DZ102s, considering the old tires were like racing slicks they were so worn out its about time :) I put in a harddog Ace and a Nardi steering wheel and a quick release... probably do a...
  2. NorCal WTT: 15x6.5 Rota Grid for 15x7/15x8

    For Sale or Trade
    I'm looking to trade my 4x100, 15x6.5, +38 offset, Sport Bronze Rota Grids with 30% Falken Azenis for a set of 15x7 or 15x8 wheels with tires. Mint condition. Looking for some wheels for daily/autocross use. PM me with offers.