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  1. Interior
    We've been busy at Blackbird Fabworx. The NC crowd has been asking for a long time for an SCCA legal roll bar that fits under the soft top. For a long time we wrote the concept off, but with the recent release of the ND RZ roll bar it became clear that our design details can be reused to design...
  2. Roadster Projects
    New Blackbird Fabworx racecar build / Ferrari engine swap - Morpheus So with a few weekends of work already done, it's about time to get a new build log going for the new racecar, which has been named Morpheus. Morpheus is being built as a NASA Performance Touring legal / SuperMiata legal...
  3. Interior
    Finally a roll cage that is completely streetable! The Blackbird Fabworx Street cage seen in the pics was built into "Senna", the Fat Cat Motorsports demo Miata and it is the missing link between a street oriented roll bar and a full blown race cage. With 12 points connecting the cage to the...
  4. Roadster Projects
    Guess it's time for me to start a build log for the new Blackbird Fabworx NB project. Purpose of the build - Creating a fun track day car that showcases some of the capabilities of Blackbird Fabworx. Weapon of choice is a 2002 NB with the VVT, 6 speed, 3.9 Torsen, sport brakes etc.. This car...
  5. California
    Being a local special, this is really the most relevant section to post this. So here it is, hot off the press - Enjoy! Moti
  6. Interior
    Hot off the press - Enjoy :cool:! Moti
1-6 of 8 Results