1. NA+NB Parts Corbeau seat brackets and BRAND NEW FM frame rails

    For Sale or Trade
    ALL SOLD! Leaving sale prices on here for reference. Flyin' Miata frame rails originally purchased for NB but never opened, much less installed. Still in wrapping. All hardware included. Save on shipping with local pickup. Asking $130. A pair of Corbeau seat brackets with sliders for NB...
  2. NA+NB Parts (CT) Garage Star Seat Bracket, F1Spec type5 seats, 914 plaid seats

    For Sale or Trade
    Beginning the process of returning my Miata to stock. Prices can be discussed via PM. I'm located in Manchester CT, but the seats are in East Hartford. If you are local and just need them delivered, throw in a six pack and I can help with that. Prices: Garagestar slider = 200.00 shipped and...
  3. NC Vehicle FS: Bride Low Max LR Bracket, Nardi Classic 330

    For Sale or Trade
    Name: Travis Emigholz Paypal: [email protected] please pm before sending money. Items are packaged and ready to be shipped asap. All prices include shipping. please read before you ask any questions. for instant answers to question, please email me at [email protected] Up for sale : $190 includes...
  4. HT bolts broken need help.

    So I was replacing my hardtop brackets with the spec miata ones and the phillips screws with the red loctite snapped. I tried extracting them with a screw extractor but it just broke. Now I need to drill out the holes and retap them. From my understanding this is a pretty common problem so I was...