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  1. Engine & Transmission
    Hi guys! So Im new in the club, so long story short I got a shell Miata previous owner wanted to LS swap it but it didn't happen, the car was stripped down but i got most of stuff back on the car I found a used 1.6 w/ transmission got it in and now it cranks but wont start & no CEL light in the...
  2. Roadster Projects
    Evening CR! Been a lurker on here for a few years while I owned my last two Miatas and now I finally purchased another one. Everyone jokes "you'll be back" after you sell your Miata and its honestly so true. I'm sure plenty of you have owned multiple Miatas at this point haha. Hard to stay away...
  3. Roadster Projects
    I used to have an MSM. It was dope, but I couldn't get over how much the engine tune sucked. Before I could go full FM Hydra on it I got laid off and had to sell it. A few years later, I'm finally getting my **** together and building the car I wanted the MSM to be. I had a hundred pictures...
1-3 of 3 Results