1. Super Lap Battle 2017 - Miata wins Unlimited RWD

    We took our Maxxis Supermiata Cup S1 race car and made a few tweaks. Higher boost ECU map 16psi, 245 A7's, big ass DIY splitter, GT1000 rear wing. Good enough for the class win a new Miata lap record for Buttonwillow 13 CW of 1:44.983, about 6s faster than the old record.
  2. video - SM/PTE Buttonwillow 04-17

    Roadster Videos
    Video from the NASA event at Buttonwillow yesterday. PTE. Decided to enter PTE at the last minute so I missed qualifying. Started dead last, 20 or so cars in class. Finished 3rd and set 2nd fastest race lap. This was my first ever sprint distance club race. Just Alfa Club and NCRC before this...