The 2016 Miata Calendar Submissions are closed! Sample Pix from last year
    Happy 2015 everyone! Something new I'm going to try this year is a monthly photo challenge. Every month, I'll post a couple of photography assignments. I'll also post that month's 2015 Calendar image as a downloadable desktop background. I'm pretty excited about this. It might...
    The 2015 Miata Calendar is ON SALE NOW! Calendars are up! You can get one right now. And they're AWESOME! Base price is $22ish which is the lowest I was able to get Zazzle to accept. Be sure to look for a coupon. You should never have to pay...
  4. REV9 Autosport
    Heya everyone, I'm proud to say that Roadster Club of Japan authorized REV9 Autosport to sell the famous Bow's Roadster Days calendar. Since we love our customers quite a lot, we're giving away free REV9 $10 gift cards with every calendars orders! Please note that this calendar is very tall...