challenge time attack

  1. Miata Challenge Round 7: Mazfest @ AAA Auto Club Speedway (8/14-15/2010)

    Mazfest is just around the corner and it’s making its return back to Fontana on August 14th. Miata Challenge will be sure to be one of the highlights for all Mazda fans and owners to watch driving around the infamous ROVAL road course. Enjoy the atmosphere among friends from around the country...
  2. Miata Challenge Round 5: Spring Mountain (5/16/2010)

    With the quick hiatus that is Miatas at MRLS 2010 come and gone, Miata Challenge is back for Round 5 at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park. This is a first for Miata Challenge to visit this exclusive “motorsports country club.” Personally, just seeing the track layout of the pristine 2.2 mile...
  3. Miata Challenge Round 4: Infineon Raceway (3/27/2010)

    If you are wondering about what happened to Round 3a/3b at El Toro, the news from Speed Ventures is that the event’s cancelled due to double-booking at the site. It’s unfortunate and it’s something that MC was looking forward to hosting an auto-x and an epic special road course event. Because...
  4. Miata Challenge Round 2: Big Willow (2/20/2010)

    If you look at these photos, you’ll know you want to come have fun with us. 19 competitors showed to the last event and it was fun to have a good opening to the season. Needless to say, Round 2 is coming up and the hunt for season points is still wide open. Per usual, Speed Ventures...
  5. Miata Challenge 2010: Schedule

    As of right now, this schedule is pretty much set. The exact dates for Rounds 9 & 10 at Streets of Willow are TBD. Hope to see you guys there through the 2010 season! January 31, 2010: Buttonwillow Raceway, Race #13 (CW) February 20, 2010: Willow...