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  1. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Stockers, Rota's, something inexpensive with or without tires. Positive offset would be prime. Let me know what you have! Preferably in San Diego. Even better if North County!
  2. Exterior
    Me being a broke college student, decides to go on the look for a cheap lip. Justification for cheap lip; Its going to get beat up, a small animal might tear it off upon impact, and if it breaks I can get another for the same low price again. ( 2 60$ lips > 1 150$ lip)...
  3. For Sale or Trade
    I have a 4.1 Torsen type II LSD from a 97 1.8 for sale. I had it listed earlier for alot more but i just want it out of our backyard. My girlfriend is making me get rid of it asap... First person with $500 takes it home. Im willing to thrown in the driveaxles and even the the hubs and...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    Hi, im selling a set of rims with tires from a Mazda Miata (195/60 R14). The rims are OEM and tires have good thread life. The rims have wear and tare but in great condition. One of the rims have a small scuff. The rims are not bent and tires have never been patched or plugged (never...
  5. California
    Like the title says I need a new windshield from some place in the so-cal area. Anyone know somewhere cheap that would have miata glass? Im willing to drive a bit if its a deal. That being said, My windshield got cracked earlier today while parked outside a friends place.... I don't know how...
1-5 of 6 Results