1. NC3 - Ultimate Street Car

    Roadster Projects
    I used to have an MSM. It was dope, but I couldn't get over how much the engine tune sucked. Before I could go full FM Hydra on it I got laid off and had to sell it. A few years later, I'm finally getting my **** together and building the car I wanted the MSM to be. I had a hundred pictures...
  2. Peterborough Area Miata Owners

    Hello, My name is Brad, I live in Peterborough Ontario. My dad, mazdarob, and I recently bought a sliver 2001 Miata. Since then we've met many people around Peterborough with Miatas and we thought we would start a thread and potentially an unofficial club for Peterborough and surrounding areas...
  3. 805 coastal peeps - starting a new Miata club in 2014

    I think it's time we start an 805 coast Miata club. I think we should have meets at all the larger cities to spread the love and "travel costs/time." If you are interested, vote on where you are located so we know what town is the heavy. At this time, this would NOT be a Moss sponsored thing...