1. What are the best stiff track coilovers?/Guide to coilovers

    I have spent a ton of time looking for coilovers and read countless thread but never found what I am looking for. I want some coilovers that will best perform on the track, I want the absolute best for the track, street comfort doesn't matter AT ALL, neither does noise. I have looked at the BC...
  2. Help me identifying this Koni coilover set.

    Hello all, Since today I finally found out that I have a koni coilover set under mine MX5. This is the set, (took picks from mx5cartalk) Now I was wondering what series are those? What spanner wrench I need to get to change the height. Thanks in advance
  3. Megans, or spring for BC's

    Hey guys, New to the forum, not new to the miata though. Dad's owned one as long as I can remember and I learned to drive on one, and my friends have had them. Anyway, two weeks ago I got a really clean '95 with just over 100k on the clock. Looking at my coilover options, I'm torn between...
  4. NB Parts Parting my 2000SE performance parts, Part 2.

    For Sale or Trade
    (1) Freedom Design Shock Brace. $100 new, yours for $50. SOLD (2) Mismatch set of SSR GT1. One was shattered by the impact. 16x7 +42, 15lbs, shod with 215-40/16 Eagle F1 GS-D3. Lots of tread left. Was $350 per corner new. $165 each or $450 for the set. Good for spares, or if you want to pick up...
  5. NA+NB Parts Stance GR+

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale Stance GR+ Owned 3-4 years, just under 30k on them. 1 year the car was garage kept during the winter and not driven. 2 years the car was sitting in the garage un-driven and un-touched. Since then the car has been nothing but garage kept. Driver's side front and rear. I didn't have...
  6. HSD vs BC Coilovers for drift/DD

    So I've been pretty set on getting BC Coils for a while to DD and drift at the track. I was just wanting some input for HSD owners who drift or hopefully someone who's had/driven both..? I want stiffness, that's first priority. A nice ride would be great but not a priority. Any input would be...
  7. Miata powered "Lotus Super 7" built from scratch (Orlando)

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm close to finishing up a scratch-built Lotus Super 7 that I started last 11 months ago. I am running a '93 Miata 1.6 motor, transmission, rear end, front spindles, ECU & wiring harness. As soon as I wire up my headlights, tail lights, brake lights/brake...
  8. Miata pulling to the right.

    Ok so i am having a problem with my miata. Ive aligned it three times because it has been pulling to the right. It started doing it when i had it on the oem suspension a couple weeks back. And i installed the coilovers last week and it still pulls the exact same way. I put it on the alignment...
  9. NA Parts Apexi ExV N1 Coilovers SOLD

    For Sale or Trade
  10. Coilover questions.

    Ok so im looking for a good suspension with good dampening adjustability. And also if i feel like laying frame for a meet, i could be able to do that. I was in between bc racing, stance gr+ or d2 coils. So who can let me know which of these wont really restrict me from going as low as i want...
  11. Megan EZ Street Group Buy

    Group Buys
    Megan EZ Street Group Buy In recent months we have had quite a few requests for Megan EZ Street Coilovers, so we have been working with one of our suppliers and have worked out a group buy price. There are a limited number we can get at this price, but that is all dependent on how fast we...
  12. NA Parts HKS Hypermax II... sigh

    For Sale or Trade
    PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING OR GIVE ME AN "OFFER" CURRENT BID Ok, I'm trying to gather funds by Feb 8th. My good friend since childhood is coming down from Japan after a 2 year leave. We planning to do it big and destroy Las Vegas!!! Haha Location: 91754, CA **Note, If not sold by...
  13. Where to get stiff springs for my coilovers?

    Hey guys, I bought Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers a while back and they have been really good. its a great ride. I want to go lower, but the spring rates aren't stiff enough... i keep rubbing fender. Right now there at F: 8kg/mm-447lbs/inch R: 6kg/mm-335lbs/inch . my question is, Where can i...
  14. NA Parts FS: A'PEXi N1 Damper ExV, light use

    For Sale or Trade
    Used for one year, no more then 4k miles, 2 track days. Comes off a NA 94. Condition as pictured, minor knicks and scratches from normal road usage. One front damper has a chunk of the bottom locking collar broken off from hitting the a-arm, still spins smooth and locks damper body from...
  15. Super Tein Coilover Sale!
    Our first special will be where it counts: suspension. We've seen a lot of people wanting Tein coilovers, so here is your chance to enhance your handling. Shoot us a PM for SUPER LOW UNBEATABLE PRICING, for ordering information, or out of US quotes. We can also get you any additional...
  16. raceland coilovers for sale.

    For Sale or Trade
    yes i have a barely used set of Raceland coilovers. they have 156 miles and one event. in total it reads 173 miles since i installed them. i blew my motor at that event and currently want to sell them while they are still in great shape to fund my next motor. if i could i would keep these for a...