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  1. Moss Miata
    Now at MossMiata we have Simple Suckers! Seemed like a silly little tchotchke to us at first, but it's really a smart way to mount a phone to the dash of your Miata. No permanent installation required! The Simple Sucker allows you to easily mount your phone to your Miata's dashboard or...
  2. For Sale or Trade
    Everything below is still available but Im going to add parts as I change more of the car. 95 metal door sills $30 + shipping OBO Flawless 95 steering wheel. $35 + shipping OBO (will not ship airbag) Im trying to make some room in the garage and I figured Id try to sell some of my spare...
  3. Interior
    PLEASE looking for NA dash good condition, pm os just post it thank you
  4. Interior
    i think these gauge pods need to be reproduced, they were made so nice and they looked allmost stock....i talked to the guy at east coast miata and he said some british guy made them and now is not made anymore, that is the 4th time ive seen them. if my pic does not show look at the car at east...
1-4 of 6 Results