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  1. Engine & Transmission
    Ive been getting a weird rattling noise at low rpm/high load when accelerating for just a second or two. It sounds lighter and faster than lifter tick. I've had that too, so I'm familiar with the sound. The weird thing is that it only happens for the first 2 or 3 times I take off after starting...
  2. General Automotive Chat
    high res photos, video, and press release: Official Photos No word on price yet, but will be available for preorder in the summer with delivery soon after.
  3. Suspension
    Has anyone actually purchased and installed one? Any comments on the quality/fitment? I know it is a knockoff, so there may be some issues. So far, I've only found one guy on that has installed it, but his description wasn't very detailed.
  4. Roadster Projects
    I bought another one. It shall be known as Major Hater. Meet Major Hater, he is a 2000 Special Edition with 97k miles. Purchased for the princely sum of $2300, he will be thrashed within an inch of his life every second he will be driven. Top is super nice. Body is perfect.
  5. Pub Roadster
    You guys have to join just for the lulz. This is the miata community now. You just can't make this kind of **** up. I'll start this thread off: nuff said: did any1 did swap? typical miata swag boiz
  6. Roadster Projects
    I recently bought my fourth Miata, a '99 Emerald Green. I previously owned a red '90, a '97M and a 10AE, all of which I decided to sell for one reason or another. Anyway, I think I might have finally found a keeper. This one only has 39k miles, came with a full stack of service records and was...
  7. Roadster Projects
    Figured it was time to start documenting the progress of my rust bucket. I detail cars part time, and I'm in college, so excuse the slow progress :roll: Things started with my second car, a 1997 civic sedan. Got it when I was a Junior in high school. After a couple years, I had most of done...
  8. Pub Roadster
    Do you want the maximum panty dropping swag with the least amount of legwork? Do you hate using the search function? Do you want your buddy's to preach about how low your car is? Having that urge for more Instagram followers? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then continue reading...
  9. Roadster Projects
    So, the background story for this car and build starts about August 2012. I'll cover what's been done up to this point then go from there. I have a build thread on my other car and thought it would be nice to have one for the Miata as well. Anyways, I had been tracking my then daily driver...
  10. Roadster Projects
    A place to keep track of progress, let's see if I have the discipline to catch up from 3 years ago. Sent from Free App Up to date list of parts/mods. Damn, this took some time. Current Build March 2017 1990 B package Engine/Exhaust -2002 1.8 VVT engine, rebuilt August 2014...
  11. Pub Roadster
    Post up your names and add people. I want more Miata content on my feed. :hello kitty: @jmalone327
  12. California
    I'm From Moreno Valley, and from traveling a little bit I have seen so many miatas on the rode and was.wondering if any of them are on clubroadster. So if you are in the Inland Empire let everyone know who are and what you drive. Who knows maybe we will come across each other. To start off.. I...
  13. Roadster Projects
    Hey all. My previous car was a Nissan S15, built for track and street duties. Served me well but I sold so I could get an RX-7. Well instead of doing that, I've invested the money and bought an MX-5 instead. Should keep me entertained for the next 6 months or so, that's when I'll hopefully get...
  14. Roadster Special & Limited Editions
    lets get this going
  15. Northwest/Pacific
    Ok guys, here it is. Our very own thread for whatever we want to ramble about. This for the all of the PDX-SEA-TAC guys. I asked a mod to delete a lot of the older threads so we can keep our section nice and tidy. Also, if we could keep the Car ID thread a picture thread only that would be...
  16. Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    ROTA's new Grid V 15x7 +0 (TE37v knockoff) They have a 15x8 +0 released in Manila and I'm sure it'll eventually make its way here
  17. General Automotive Chat
    When driving around i see ridiculous things that makes me say to myself WTF Here are some pictures in this case i take detours to show you WTF
  18. Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    The Official 14x7 Enkei RPF1 Picture Thread. Well, as most of you know, there was a Group Buy on these badass wheels and only a lucky few of us were able to purchase them from Good Win Racing. So post up your pics when you get them in and put them on the your car. I want to see some epic shots...
  19. Interior
    I have seen a lot of custom interior threads being posted up, why not combine them all into a thread- much like the exterior thread with different colored cars... I'll start but its not much =/ EDIT: So I messed around a bit. A little more fruity than I like but oh well. Also made my...
1-20 of 24 Results