1. Its like fetlife: but for my Na8.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi folks! let me start by explaining how happy I am see so many knowledgeable people in one place dedicated to one chassis; i tried some Facebook groups like this but this forum thing is so much more focused! I have had my 97 Miata for a little over 7 months now, and the car would be in a...
  2. NA Vehicle 91 Miata Boosted/Caged/full interior (Breakshift Miata)

    For Sale or Trade
    Asking $10,000 OBO. Located in Ocala, FL Email is the best way to get a hold of me- [email protected] cell phone just in case- 352-615-3340 This is my 91 Mazda Miata. I've had this car for almost 5 years now, with every mod intended to make this a purpose built drift car that can drive to the...
  3. iTrack Motorsports Drift & Track

    Hows it going guys! Ive been a member here for a while, sometimes silent, but never absent. And we have been working on some awesome things for the southeast. Heres the scoop! My name is Derek Wise with iTrack Motorsports. We are a drift and track organization in the southeast. As you may know...
  4. VIDEO: Sonoma Drift Winter Jam 2015 - NA 5psi external wastegate with open dump

    Roadster Videos
    '95 Base 5psi external wastegate with open dump at Sonoma Drift Winter Jam
  5. my (soon to be) NAsty drift build

    Roadster Projects
    So one of my friends decided he needed to get rid of his 1990 miata and long story short, I got it for a steal. It's in somewhat rough condition but only has 139k miles and with a little love, will be better than ever! heres a quick picture I snapped in the parking lot (more to come tomorrow)...
  6. Other Zerek Fabrication NA/NB bash bars!

    Well for you drift guys here is what I know a lot of you have been waiting for. NA and NB bash bars front and rear along with Radiator/intercooler protection bar. All bars are made from DOM steel, Fully TIG welded and powder coated. $225.00 picked up or 275 shipped anywhere in the US...
  7. HSD vs BC Coilovers for drift/DD

    So I've been pretty set on getting BC Coils for a while to DD and drift at the track. I was just wanting some input for HSD owners who drift or hopefully someone who's had/driven both..? I want stiffness, that's first priority. A nice ride would be great but not a priority. Any input would be...
  8. Texas Drift Events

    Southwest/Rocky Mountain
    I always go to Texas Drift events. Just wanted to see if anyone wants to go, or already does go on here. This weekend Sep 21 @8am- Sep 22 @6pm is Lone Star Bash's Drift Party. Here's a link to the event on Facebook. The event is at Mineral...
  9. Greetings! From the PNW!

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings Club Roadster members! My name is Caleb and today I purchased my first Miata! I am so very excited. I've always had a lot of love for the cars and decided to sell my 240sx for one! I'm in the Seattle region and will be daily driving the car and eventually take it to some drift day...
  10. Just Drift/ 805LIDE drift and grip event

    Who: JUSTDRIFT hosting 805LIDE What: Beginner -> Advanced Grip, Intermediate -> Advanced Drift Practice on Horse Thief Mile Where: Willow Springs Intl. Raceway (3500 75th St West, Rosamond, CA) When: Sunday April 28, 2013 Price: $125 Per Driver, $10 Spectator at the Gate 15 Driver MAXIMUM...
  11. Mrjreezy's Quest for Boost

    Roadster Projects
    A few months ago I picked up my first miata. A 93 1.6l. I really love the car so far, and its probably my favorite out of all the ones I've owned. I came from the world of awd dsms so performance is a big deal to me. Everyday I get in my car and I hate how its naturally aspirated. So I've...
  12. NA Parts its a full part out!

    For Sale or Trade
    my old 1990 NA miata is available in parts. alot gone already but have a clean title, non-oped tub with brand new windshield. seats, motor, drivetrain are all gone unfortunately. was a 1.8L swap in a 1.6 chasis. I have 2 complete sets of wheels. Mazda alloy hollows 14x6, and dragracing 15x7 5...
  13. Mia's Auto Blog

    Roadster Projects
    Delete Please
  14. my turbo bucket build

    Roadster Projects
    After owning the car for a little over a year now, I've finally got all the parts needed to turbo it, so decided to make a little build thread. Little bit of a background, got the car last year after my rx8 got totaled. The miata was bone stock had about 55k miles on it Got it on a sunday, I...
  15. KMS Drift Event #7

    is anyone going to this? KMS Drift Event #7 KMS Combat Cross/Drift & Car Show -N- Sound Off Series Stop the Violence South Event 08-27-2011 100PM to 800PM Gates open at 1200 (Noon) for all Drivers and Car Show Participants Location...
  16. Mint's JZX100 Chaser Tourer V

    Non-Roadster Projects
    Hey guys, I got me a JZX100. Im yet to see it in person yet, but i fly over to Japan in 14 days to drift in the G1GP (Gaijin GP) and the Matsuri, so needed a drift car for a few days, figured.. meh, just buy one and keep it in Japan. So after months and months of going through auctions, i...
  17. newbi

    New Member Introductions
    hey all im jonny i dont think i ever introduced my self im 20 i live out side saint louis mo i have a 1993 vert miata all stock black with tan interior..looking forward to some racing events and even some drift.. is any one near me for meet up's tech help and cruises?
  18. Reccomendations For Drift Alignment

    Ok guys, I'm set to get home soon and want to get a proper alignment setup for drifting. I tried searching but came up to no avail. My suspension, steering components, and rims and tires all have changed since my last one drasticly. I'm pretty slammed low too if that helps out any. I don't know...