1. WTB: 94 NA ECU

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    So I've heard many different reasons as to why my car won't run. Issue being that the car will start and then die on its own after maybe a minute or two or sometimes less at idle. When I give it gas it won't rev over 3k RPM. Fuel pump doesn't seem to be the issue I was told by my mechanic that...
  2. NB Parts 99-00 Megasquirt2 Enhanced

    For Sale or Trade
    Enhanced MS2 from Braineack for 99-00. My car had a Powercard setup for my supercharger that was mediocre at best and I planned on using this to re-tune and make the car perform how it should have. Unfortunately, my car was wrecked by some yahoo who couldn't understand that red lights mean...
  3. miata sputtering NEED HELP!

    Engine & Transmission
    ok so ive had this problem for the last 6 months and have been to lazy to make an account and ask the expert Miata community. so the situation is after about like 15-20 min of driving it bogs out when accelerating I have an aem wide band and it runs really lean during the sputtering and will...
  4. NA Parts 9495 MSPNP 1, LC-1, GM IAT. Need Gone!

    For Sale or Trade
    Right now it just isn't practical for me to have this in my car and I could use the money elsewhere. Im looking to sell everything together but I may separate stuff for the right price. Im only shipping to the US, unless the buyer wants to pay extra to have it shipped out of the country. What...
  5. Megasquirt PnP2 99-00 Miata MS3 is here

    Engine Management (EFI)
    The long wait is over. Affordable, fully user configurable, real time datalogging true PnP engine management for the 99-00 Miata with MS2 code is shipping now. A few salient features / bennies that really like about the unit: Real time tuning and data logging. This means fiddling with cells...
  6. Bipes ACU and uncut 90-95 Boomslang Extension

    For Sale or Trade
    I bought the Bipes for the STS2 car more than a year ago and never used it. Used Bipes ACU for 90-97, $120 Unused Boomslang extension harness for 90-95, $80 Shipping in US is $6 per item. Buy both and I'll throw in the shipping. Or pick them up in SE Houston anytime, or in NE Dallas...