1. Eunos Roadster (1.8)

    Roadster Projects
    Hi all, I'll try keep this brief and updated with lots of pictures, had the car since June 2017 and haven't driven it more than 200m, it went straight in the garage! It's an Eunos Roadster (1.8) Mazdaspeed B-Spec Stage II, previous owner had used it for drifting, it'd seen better days by the...
  2. 89 RHD bullshit whatever build

    Roadster Projects
    Picked this up a bit ago. Current mod list: Flyin Miata Sways and endlings Mazdspeed seats Stance Coilovers LRB Speed Door Panels Jass Headlights Diamond Stitch interior, sewn by me Infinity Reference 6030cs components LRB aero undertray Enkei Apache 15x8 +25 NRG 2.0 QR hub Driven Deep dish...
  3. Meet Emmy in London

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys...been lurking for ages (over 1 year now) but thought I'd get rid of the "Introduce yourself" message everytime I log in. So please say hi to Emmy (named by the kids, because M is for Mazda, and that's good enough for me) 1995/6 Eunos Roadster, VR-Limited Combination A. Paint is Art...
  4. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Better pictures
  5. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I've had my Eunos for about 2 years now and it came with a set of daisies and these which came on the car when imported back in '99. They were in a sorry state so I refurbished them, found that they were originally gunmetal with a polished lip. Not split rim though. They are badged Mazdaspeed on...
  6. Coilover questions.

    Ok so im looking for a good suspension with good dampening adjustability. And also if i feel like laying frame for a meet, i could be able to do that. I was in between bc racing, stance gr+ or d2 coils. So who can let me know which of these wont really restrict me from going as low as i want...
  7. NA Parts Rear Eunos badge

    For Sale or Trade
    Here's a Eunos badge that was in the boot (trunk) of my UK spec MX5 when I bought it. I've never fitted it, nor have any intention to, but know that some of you guys across the pond might like it. So instead of it gathering dust here, it's better off being put to use with someone who's after...
  8. Eunos Center Caps

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    Here they are, not in perfect condition. Some of the paint is coming off and there are scratches. Not terrible but not mint either. I've never seen these on any car in the US but my own. Its a great subtle touch if you're using the stock Miata wheels. I bought these on eBay a while ago and...