1. Help! exhaust sounds like ass... but only when exhaust is cold

    To start out I have a 1999 miata with a racing beat axle back and a resonator delete via a local exhaust shop. This seems to have started when I deleted the resonator in my '99. After this, when the exhaust is cold (coolant/oil temp don't seem to matter very much, if the car has had 15 minutes...
  2. NA Constant rattle after 1st coming from engine bay

    General Automotive Chat
    Hey guys, I'm a new member to this website, but i've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my 1994 Mazda Miata. What's wrong is that there is a constant rattle that is dull at high rpms in first gear, but becomes more apparent in higher gears, no matter what rpms. I have ruled out that it...
  3. Constant rattle coming from Engine Bay

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I'm a new member to this website, but i've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my 1994 Mazda Miata. What's wrong is that there is a constant rattle that is dull at high rpms in first gear, but becomes more apparent in higher gears, no matter what rpms. I have ruled out that it...
  4. Exhaust help

    so my exhaust on my 1990 na miata ,is made by brainstorm,cant seem to find any info on it other than the company is no longer in bizness,the versions ive found online were dual exhaust and mine is a single anyone kno anything about this company or about how much this exhaust is worth?
  5. Custom Rear Muffler (with pics)

    Since a full exhaust is not at the top of the list for upgrades I decided to build a custom rear muffler. Main goal was to be able to actually hear the exhaust, and not just that unhappy high rpm engine noise, while at the same time not be loud and obnoxious to people outside the car. Luckily...
  6. NC Parts Good-Win-Racing Roadster Sport II Exhaust Miata NC

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a like new Roadster Sport II stainless steel dual exhaust for 06+ Mazda Miata NC MX-5 models by Good-Win-Racing. Simple bolt on cat back exhaust which sounds great and gives you the proper sound of a true roadster. This has the new rolled tip design and is 5 lbs lighter than stock...
  7. Tanabe exhaust question

    I have a 95 miata I bought with a "g power medallion" tanabe exhaust that was probably installed like 10 years prior to me buying it. I like the style but I'm curious if there's a way to find it. I just have a hole in the pipe from the axle to the muffler. Any ideas?
  8. Last Days to Save 10% at MossMiata!

    Moss Miata
    Today and Tomorrow are your Last Days to Save at MossMiata's 10% OFF Sale! Discount applied in shopping cart at checkout, no code to enter, 10% taken off automatically on all qualifying parts. Any questions? PM me or call 800-642-8295. Thanks for reading! Chris
  9. NA Parts Yard Sale

    For Sale or Trade
    All items located in: My Crib LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651 THE LIST: (1) Authentic EBAY "Mazdaspeed" cheap-o wheel $5.00 (2) Solid GRANT GT steering wheel (aluminum/rubber) SOLD (3) 1.8 standard size front brake rotors, Drilled/Slotted resurfaced. Barely used for about 100 miles, resurfaced at...
  10. NB Parts Jackson Racing Header

    For Sale or Trade
    $300 shipped - Used JR Header (cheaper if local pickup / drop off) :bouncin:Location: Laguna Beach, CA, 92651:bouncin: Contact Email: [email protected] Call/text: (203) 727 - 9580 (Generic image. I'll take more photos later.) This is for a 1.8 NB (or NA if you want to weld a new...
  11. Buddy Club Spec II (NA Miata) - It's Coming Back!

    Hi guyysss, UPDATE (05/06/13): Exhausts will be landing stateside in 2-3 weeks and you're more than welcomed to purchase them through me at [email protected]! Two weeks ago, I was informed by my co-worker that Buddy Club is bringing their Spec II exhaust back for NA Miata's. They asked if I...
  12. low hanging exhaust

    Hi i have the topspeed pro exhaust for my 97 NA and the suspension braces are in the way, its there anything i can do to fix this
  13. Enthuzacar November Discount.

    We are doing free shipping to anyone in the lower 48 this month. I'll offer discounted shipping to other locations worldwide, just contact me via phone or email for the discounted shipping quote. [email protected] or (404)310-3302. Thanks, Jason.
  14. NB Parts FS: 2003 Exhaust Manifold w/EGR tube, heat shield and down pipe

    For Sale or Trade
    Name: Chris Location: Norfolk, Va. Means of contact: PM or text 570-660-6602 Price: $200 plus actual shipping charges. Description: I have the original exhaust manifold that came on my 2003, I took it off during the motor swap and put on a raceland header. The car had 80k on the clock when...
  15. NA Parts WTB: Exhaust Manifold

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for an OEM exhaust manifold in good condition (ie. no cracks) for a NA6 1.6 liter 5spd. May also consider an aftermarket one as well. Let me know what you have. Local to the Los Angeles area.
  16. NA Parts FS: Corksport/Magnaflow Exhaust- $300

    For Sale or Trade
    FS: Corksport/Magnaflow Exhaust- $200 Fits 1990-1997 NA Miata's, unknown miles. Original muffler was wrecked on track, so a MagnaPack was welded in its place. Has O2 bung for the post-cat oxygen sensor on 96-97 models. Utilizes the stock exhaust hangers. Looking to get $200. No...
  17. NB Parts 2000 Stock CA Exhaust Manifold w/ Converter $300 OBO

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale is one stock 2000 Cal-spec exhaust manifold with built in catalytic converter. Selling because I decided to put headers on my 2000 Miata since I don't have smog testing here in central VA. This part has only 25k miles on it, as it was a warranty replacement of the original which went...
  18. 2003 Header/EGR Tube/Heatshield $170+ship

    For Sale or Trade
    Where: Norfolk, Va How Much: $170 +actual shipping Contact: PM preferred I just got a motor to swap into my 2003 miata and now have 2 exhaust manifolds that I won't be using. This sale is for the one that came on a 2003 Miata with 22k miles. Perfect upgrade for younger miata that don't want to...
  19. CorkSport Power Series Mazdaspeed Miata 80mm Exhaust

    The CorkSport Power Series 80mm exhaust is constructed from polished 304 SS and is TIG welded. The exhaust system fits all model years of the Mazdaspeed Mx5 and bolts to the factory downpipe. The exhaust includes all the needed hardware for installation. All CorkSport exhaust systems include a 2...
  20. my Exhaust Repair weldless & inexpensive

    DIY and How-To Writeups
    I started with a bolt & locking nut Next I dethreaded the bolt threads near the end of the bolt, with a wrench, with the lock nut on in order to protect the good threads. Dethreaded keeping the lock nut on while dethreading protected the good threads see. I filed two sides of...