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  1. Interior
    While I freely admit that there are a lot of very cool aftermarket gauge faces available, I have to say that I really think Mazda did a good job with the stock gauges. The only bad thing about them (for USA cars that is) is the stupid sign requiring the use of "unleaded fuel", as if we didn't...
  2. Roadster Projects
    Look at that stockitude. Stockness. Stockitocity. Most folks know about Bucky, my daily driver. I still get the random "you have an NB?!?!" or "did you put an NB nose on Sharka" reply when Bucky creeps into a Sharka photo, but it doesn't happen too often anymore. Still, Bucky needed a build...
  3. Interior
    i think these gauge pods need to be reproduced, they were made so nice and they looked allmost stock....i talked to the guy at east coast miata and he said some british guy made them and now is not made anymore, that is the 4th time ive seen them. if my pic does not show look at the car at east...
1-3 of 9 Results