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  1. Group Buy of Seat Covers

    Group Buys
    Hi, we are starting a group buy for your 1990-2000 Mazda Miata Seat Covers. We will offer a: 10% discount on orders ranging from 1-5, 15% discount on orders ranging from 6-10 and 17% discount on orders more than 10. The products up for grabs are as follows: 1990-97 Mazda Miata Genuine Leather...
  2. KraftWerks Rotrex Supercharger Group Buy

    Forced Induction
    Sorry for the spam. I just know a lot of people don't frequent the Jr. Sponsor forum. Follow the link for additional information on the kits as well as the group buy. Group Buy here: KraftWerks Rotrex Supercharger Group Buy in Effect!!!
  3. Project-G KraftWerks Rotrex Supercharger Group Buy

    KraftWerks Rotrex Supercharger Group Buy As many of you know, Project-G has been working with KraftWerks in finalizing their Rotrex Supercharger Kits for the Miata. There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding this kit, and KraftWerks feels it is finally ready for release! Make no...
  4. Megan EZ Street Group Buy

    Group Buys
    Megan EZ Street Group Buy In recent months we have had quite a few requests for Megan EZ Street Coilovers, so we have been working with one of our suppliers and have worked out a group buy price. There are a limited number we can get at this price, but that is all dependent on how fast we...
  5. Project-G Ryoku Rob Summer Tow Hook Run!!!

    Project-G is proud to announce their first time conducting a group buy with a product other than their own. It’s fitting that it is a product we believe in with a company who’s standards equal what we always strive for ourselves. In fact, we had chosen to run these on our personal vehicles well...