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  1. NA Parts FS HardDog Extreme RollBar

    For Sale or Trade
    SOLD - HardDog Extreme RollBar SOLD $280 - Picked up in South San Jose CA This is not a "style bar" and will both protect you in a roll over and stiffen your chassis! I picked this up a while ago of CL for my wife's car but never got around to installing it. We sold her car over Christmas...
  2. NA Which Roll Bar is Furthest from Your Head?

    Hi, I come from an NC. I'm looking to build an NA soon. After looking at various built up NA's I've noticed how some aftermarket roll bars are awfully close to the driver's head. Not bad with a helmet on, no bueno for street driving. Using a Miata NA with a factory hardtop and no soft top as a...
  3. NA Vehicle montego blue roadster for sale

    For Sale or Trade
    Ive got a 94 m edition montego blue roadster it has just hit 143,000 miles New pads rotors and rear calipers at 140 Runs great and is super reliable Fender on passanger side is dead its been pulled out and resembles its former glory Dings all around this is not a show car in the least. Comes...
  4. Bored on Easter build thread

    Roadster Projects
    Sup dudes. I work a minimum wage job part time so I'm kinda poor. This is the transformation of my car in about 9 months. I bought the car for $2900 with 167k. When I first got it, it was on some sort of shitty OEM replacement shocks with Tein lowering springs but it actually handled pretty...
  5. NA Parts Polished Hard Dog Deuce

    For Sale or Trade
    ADMINS: PLEASE DELETE: Polished Hard Dog Deuce SOLD!!! For sale is my polished, Hard Dog Deuce roll bar. It is used, but in very good condition. It is the side braced version. I have all the mounting hardware. The only issue is that one of the bolts is stripped in the middle. I don't actually...