1. NA Hardtop Padding

    I was thinking about safety in my miata recently (I know, I know..), and it seems to me that the sides of the hardtop that extend over the top of the windows are the closest hard surface to my head. Has anyone ever padded this surface to protect against injury in a rollover? I am working on a...
  2. NA+NB Parts Parting out my track car (hardtop/C3m/Recaro/SM/1.8 stuff)

    For Sale or Trade
    Long story short - I'm taking a racing hiatus. I'll probably have another Miata in a year's time that will be build with NASA TT/PT in mind instead of this bastard child that doesn't fit well anywhere. Shell (Laguna blue, welded in 4pt rollbar, used to be a 6pt cage 14xxxxmi) $950.00 SOLD...
  3. Rare Canadian Miata

    New Member Introductions
    Greeting from the great white north. My 1990 Miata is my first sports car and we are really enjoying the car. It was purchased new in Vancouver and had three lady owners. It might have beeen a special order as it was sold with an automatic tranismission - one of only 704, power steering, and a...
  4. NA+NB Parts FS: Polycarbonate rear hardtop window

    For Sale or Trade
    North Orange County / Inland Empire (no shipping atm) Up for sale is my polycarbonate (Lexan) rear hardtop window. It is very light as it weighs ~5lbs and would be an improvement in weight loss over the stock OEM glass (11lbs). It is brand new, undrilled, and cut for OEM sized rear hardtop...
  5. Post your HARDTOP SPOILER tread

    do we have one of this yet?
  6. NA Vehicle FS: 1997 Mazda Miata M Edition

    For Sale or Trade
    I have for sale a 1997 Mazda Miata M Edition. It has 115,000 miles. It is a 5 speed manual transmission coupled to the 1.8L inline four cylinder. It has A/C, heat, power steering, cruise control, CD player, tape player, AM/ FM radio, headrest speakers,M Edition leather seats, Nardi wood grain...
  7. NA Parts FS: OEM Hardtop, Turbo Manifold (T3/T4, 1.6, w/ wastegate)

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling an OEM Hardtop, fits NA and NB models, glass with rear defroster, Classic Red with some blemishes, inside is mint, side and top latches: SOLD Turbo manifold, fits 1.6 motors, T3/T4, Tial 38mm wastegate included, surface rust and one bolt needs to be removed from the flange. - $300...
  8. newbie in kansas city

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys just got my first miata it is a 1999 nb, red with 68,000 original miles. i have a few questions if i could get some help i would greatly appreciate it. First off the oem top has two larges holes in it, i plan on replacing it, but i am not sure what brand, or where i should order the...
  9. HELP!!! Miata hard top screws broke in half -_-

    General Automotive Chat
    :suicide: So I bought Rennel Metal brackets to replace my latches, but when I was taking them out two out of three broke in half on the drivers side ( top latches ) I tried drill extracting methods, and still wouldn't budge, so now I have a huge hole in one of the screws that's stuck in there...
  10. Cody's racecar build log

    Roadster Projects
    If you want a brief summed up build head over to my IG, Cody.mason109 is the username. This is my build log for my racecar. Mostly for documenting things for myself but i do appreciate feedback from my fellow CR brethren. As the car sits now 2/2/16 Onto the build though. So I bought ole'...
  11. NA Parts 1990 miata factory hardtop.

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling my N/A hardtop 1990 its factory blue. it has very small scratches which can be wet sanded down, also ontop there`s 3 pin sized holes where the paints chipped all these were before i bought it them, but overall no water gets inside, and has no paint faded. I claybar and wax every 3 weeks...
  12. Bored on Easter build thread

    Roadster Projects
    Sup dudes. I work a minimum wage job part time so I'm kinda poor. This is the transformation of my car in about 9 months. I bought the car for $2900 with 167k. When I first got it, it was on some sort of shitty OEM replacement shocks with Tein lowering springs but it actually handled pretty...
  13. NA Parts WTB Black or White hard top

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    looking for a hardtop for my 92 na. must be in good condition. small paint chips are acceptable. no large cracks either. rear defroster would be a + :) thanks!
  14. NA Parts FS: Black Headliner Defroster OEM Hardtop w/ goodies! NorCal

    For Sale or Trade
    Not willing to part out, looking to sell this as a whole complete package. For pickup only in Danville, CA. The hardtop is black with headliner and defroster. It has the 1992-1997 defroster pigtail on it. Paint, glass, headliner, and seals are all in excellent condition. Two cracks in the...
  15. HT bolts broken need help.

    So I was replacing my hardtop brackets with the spec miata ones and the phillips screws with the red loctite snapped. I tried extracting them with a screw extractor but it just broke. Now I need to drill out the holes and retap them. From my understanding this is a pretty common problem so I was...
  16. NA Parts Front Fender and Hardtop

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    I'm looking for a driver's side front na fender as well as a hardtop around the Seattle area. Let me know if anyone has either of these laying around...I have cash in hand. Thanks
  17. My $550 Hardtop

    Ok my search for a hardtop is finally over. I had someone locally selling a hardtop that contacted me through craigslist or maybe even this sight or I don't know. That is not the important part. I got a hardtop that is from a 95 M in the special merlot color to go with my white car. It...
  18. Miata Hardtop in central NJ $600

    For Sale or Trade
    I have a Miata Hard Top for sale. $600 The seals are in great shape, all the latches are included (1 is off in the pictures). It has been painted by the previous owner a metallic red, I'm not sure if this is an original Miata color- but oddly enough, it matches our 2008 Mazda5 red perfectly...
  19. Hardtop rear latch needed

    I am in need of a rear latch/braket for my hardtop (the one that sits over the frankenstein bolt and is molded into the hardtop). I know they dont really sell these because they are molded into the top, but just as i have broken mine off, i have heard of other people doing the same. If you are...
  20. OEM hardtop latch kit

    For Sale or Trade
    Complete latch kit. Side strikers and hardware shown is brand new. Latches are from the NB2 generation and are in great condition. $125 shipped. Sold