1. Headlights Stuck in the Up Position

    Audio & Electronics
    So I just recently bought a '97 Miata and I absolutely love it. But the big first thing I wanted to do was replace the hazards and headlights dash buttons with a custom solution that allowed three toggles: one for hazards, one for headlights, and one wired to interrupt the right headlight motor...
  2. LED Headlights - Any Information?

    I've been trying to figure out where to find headlights like these, but I'm starting to think that they are just the low-profile housing with LED running lights installed inside the housing. If it's a total DIY project, that would make sense but I can't seem to find any leads on anybody doing...
  3. NA Headlight timing problem - HELP

    I decided to take the NA8 I bought back to the original look from the low-profile. I did my research, got some oem brackets, HELLA H4 lamps and some bulbs. I then pulled out my trusty Chilton's guide and followed the instructions to a T. Put the headlights up, Disconnected the battery...
  4. NA High-beams intermittently flicker on and off

    General Automotive Chat
    Ok, so a few days ago I started having this problem. When I would start my car at night and start driving, I would notice the high beam indicator flciker a few times. I then noticed that the high beams were actually flickering as well. I havent noticed it happening after the first maybe 30...
  5. NB Parts 99-00 NB Headlights

    For Sale or Trade
    Hi folks, I'm selling my 99-00 NB headlights. They are OEM, no broken tabs, freshly polished and perfect candidates for a retrofit. They are in 9-10 condition I would say, the left headlight has a small half inch blemish on the lense, but that is it. I'm asking $150 obo shipped in the lower 48...
  6. Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit - before and after

    Exterior If you've got 20 bucks and about an hour and a half, you too can have your headlights like-new!:phillyb: It was fun (mainly cause Dippette and the little Dipperino are out of...
  7. 30% Off Sale at! One Week Only!

    Moss Miata
    At we've put our most popular products on sale for up to 30% off - one week only! These are the products you most frequently ask for a deal on. Click the link above. Here's a peek of what's got low prices right now: Dual Headlamp Lo-Pro Headlights - $75 OFF! Turn Signal Intakes...
  8. NB Parts DDM Tuning HIDs H4 Bulb

    For Sale or Trade
    Hey guys, stupid me didnt think to check the difference between the 99-00 headlight bulb size and 01-05. I have an 01 but ordered an H4 HID kit from DDM Tuning. So now they are for sale, brand new still with all original packaging. I waited 2 weeks (instead of listed 3-4 days) to get these in...
  9. *exclusive* 100w hid!! Don't settle for cheap 35w hid kits!

    Audio & Electronics
    All Haters Replied to this thread If your a hater, Reply to this thread.
  10. WTB or Donations stock NA parts So Cal.

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Trying to put back a NA miata cheap. let me know. Thanks everyone. rear driver side caliper 1.6 - Pending rear rotor and pads(yes your old used ones) -pending shift boot - might make stock sway bars headlights - Pending headlight covers red Driver seat stock intake & airbox 1.8 driver side...